The Merits of Caffeine???

 Congratulations, it’s National Coffee Day and there’s still time to get in line at your local Dunkin for a free medium dark roast coffee. But should you? Should you get yourself wired and possibly dehydrated while rowing?
  While common sense and your coaches nix the coffee run, so many of us just can’t help ourselves. And after writing my last post I had second thoughts about drawing attention to a perky boost of free coffee. After a little research, I found a NYT article that heralds the merits of caffeine as a performance enhancer. Weldon Johnson of used coffee as a performance enhancer for the first time before his first 10k race and never looked back. The effects were startling for Johnson who was not a habitual coffee drinker and usually abstained from caffeine before a race. I like what retired sculler Mike Perry had to say about rowers and caffeine. Perry surmised that rowers “would see it as against the spirit of the law, even though it’s not against the law.” Perry conducted his own blind study and found that caffeine helped his performance by a significant percent and regrets not knowing about the merits of caffeine sooner.  

 But would you use caffeine as a legal performance enhancer? Research does suggest that caffeine can affect both endurance and performance in high intensive sports like rowing. Caffeine can jolt our brains past exhaustion, release stored calcium from our muscles while increasing the circulation of fatty acids so our muscles can engage and follow through strokes making the best use of our stored carbs for a strong finish. And you only need 4 ounces to feel a difference, which is less than a free and legal medium cup of dark roast coffee.

Then again research has indicated the need to consider how caffeine effects sleep and hydration so moderation is key to a beneficial outcome. Additionally, heart rate and blood pressure is accelerated in individuals not used to caffeine. So, be warned and practical in knowing your best self to gain your personal best.

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What to wear, what to wear, what to wear…

Mornings are cold in late September before the sun rises when the whole world is still fast asleep. At least it seems so. And even though the season is still new and you haven’t yet had a regatta your still warm unmade bed is beckoning you back while you scan your closet for something to wear. Some may unfortunately reach for damp sweating spandex piled on the closet floor from the day before because by this time of year the washers are in full swing in dorm basements. That’s reason enough to go back to sleep.

But since you didn’t sleep through your alarm, get going with a mixture of lightweight layers. Get into a routine of laying out the possibilities the night before, like brushing your teeth the night before. This time of year, I like spandex shorts or cropped leggings with a short or long sleeved tee, light weight fleece, windbreaker, and a baseball cap. Carry both docksiders and sneakers in case you run for practice or need a dry pair of shoes after practice. Check the weather the night before to anticipate what will work. You can always alter the weight of what you wear and peel off what you don’t need.