What’s in your cox box!?

R2R Top 5: Good things for coxswains to carry in their duffle!

1. Water:  Rowers are not the only ones who need to stay hydrated! Drink water when your rowers do: in-between pieces.
2. Wrenches: Riggers have a tendency to become loose in the middle of a piece (especially the first time out since rigging). Depending on the boat put a wrench in your pocket. A 7/16th is most commonly used and works for Vespoli boats.
3. Medical Tape: For your rowers; as needed.
3. Stop watch: Just in case your cox box stops working.
4. Pen and post-its: For writing down workouts, drills and to note what each rower needs to continually focus on improving.
5. Hat or Sunglasses: A lot of workouts begin in pitch black darkness but bring a pair of sunglasses or hat for when the sun wakes up. The sun’s glare glisenting off the water a beautiful thing but when it’s shinning in your eyes and blinding your path it becomes a dangerous thing.

Bonus Tip: For race day carry extra washers with you. One always seems to go missing!

What is your must have cox box essential?


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