What to Wear, What to Wear, What to Wear…

On your Halloween Row?

Not all boathouses participate in an annual holiday row and some crews are done for the season, but for those who do participate in a Halloween Row, it’s a lot of fun and a chance for novice to strut their stuff racing against varsity.

What is a Halloween Row?

The Halloween Row is a race between all of the members of the Womens and Mens teams. Everyone gets a chance to race and every boat is outfitted in costume of a unifying theme. This is just a run race to lighten up practice between races and the dreaded indoor erging of winter indoor practice.

What to wear on your Halloween Row?

As a rower, my 8+ decked out as Santa’s Reindeer, where the coxswain was Santa and the Stroke was Rudolf and I was Donner. We all wore brown with little Reindeer ear headbands with gold bells, which rang in unison with every movement. The next year as a coxswain in a 4+ I was the ace in Poker’s Royal Flush. It’s a lot of fun and anything works. I’ve seen boats outfitted as the seven deadly sins, superheroes, and the best ever were our coaches dressed in costumes depicting the various reasons rowers miss practice.

Have fun and find some inspiration from these rowers:



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