NFL Workout

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you ever wanted to be part of a team making your way past yard lines like Jonas Grey? (He was great last weekend, wasn’t he?) After all it’s been weeks since you competed at the Head of the Fish, the Hooch, the South or maybe you braved the Snowflake Regatta because you’re a strong rower and a sucker for a good cause like the Salvation Army.

Well now it’s your chance because the Buffalo Bills are recruiting and they really need you. Yes, you! The Bills are offering you the blustery opportunity to be a paid athlete, a hero and a fan because the four-foot snowfall from yesterday amassed 220,000 tons of snow inside Ralph Wilson Stadium and the surrounding parking lots outside in Orchard Park, NY. The Bills need you right now, not to row, not to play football, but to shovel.

Andy Major, VP Operations for the Bills is asking for help. “We’re looking to have 500 shovelers on site working in triple shifts.” That is what the Bills hope for. But, there is no minimum because it usually takes three days to shovel a foot of snow where there is now four feet compounded by more snow already forecasted for tomorrow night.

To combat the snow, the Bills are offering an hourly wage of $10 and game tickets to any volunteer willing to help in any one of the three planned shifts. Major proactively considers alternative tactics for snow removal, as “We have not had this much snow, as far as we know in the history of our team.” The Bills will be evaluating their situation hourly and anticipate playing Saturday at 1pm against the Jets with 24/7 volunteer, country and state support. The team and staff although stranded and scattered throughout the area study their iPad playbooks and wait for word from NFL who will decide if the snow removal process is good enough for game time. If not, the Bills-Jets may reschedule for another day.

As a rower, you have been preparing for this opportunity. You have the upper strength and unyielding endurance to be a powerhouse for this NFL workout. All you need to ask yourself is, “Are you ready for some football?”


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