Your 2015 Planner

Now is the time using these last few days of 2014 to get your 2015 planner organized and ready for the long haul ahead. That means transferring any important information so you won’t be stuck straddling between two planners. Hopefully you chose a planner with a calendar plus room for everyday notes and long-term goals. You also need to be able to rapid log all your “to dos” so your list becomes a reasonable action plan and not another chore.

Don’t have a planner? Consider getting one, especially now at year-end with most planners on sale at reduced prices. It’s a good way to keep track of your progress in addition to seeing how workouts, practice and regattas interact with the rest of the events in your life.


National Free Shipping Day

Today is National Free Shipping Day, who knew? Participation is voluntary for retailers. It’s not like your local post office is giving anything away free. It’s not that kind of national holiday.

But for all you rowers who have been too busy on your erg, captivated by your progress refining your rhythm and technique, today is another day for retailers to offer yet another incentive to shop. National Free Shipping Day is the brainchild of founders, Luke and Maisie Knowles who wanted to extend holiday online shopping by offering another marketing tool for retailers beyond Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday. The first National Shipping Day was in 2009 with 750 retailers fulfilling 350,000 online orders on time for the holidays free of shipping charges. Today millions of orders exceeding $1 billion in sales will be guaranteed to be on time offering free shipping and expedited delivery.



Now is the only time to keep calm and work on your rhythm and technique. Later, you know you have to HURRY FASTER AND ROW when you hit water. So take advantage of the time now to loosen up and get comfortable with your evolution in becoming a more efficient rower. KEEP CALM AND ERG ON, it’s all about you.

“Every word or action changes who we are and our perception of who we can be. It is hard to understand coaches and teammates who undermine our purpose as rowers. We row to win with every minuscule ounce of energy we have. How can we be strong and proceed, if personal feelings invade the agency of rowing? If action is truly stronger than words, shouldn’t pull on the boat be based on statistics like weight split, 2ks and form?”

-Craig Lambert, Journalist, Author and Rower, Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing.

Cozy Christmas, Cozy Rower

Old Navy is pricing sleepwear at 60% off retail prices all weekend long. slippers and blankets are priced to sell at five bucks each. Perfect for a cozy Christmas and beyond.

What does this have to do with rowing? Everything. One of my coaches, Paul advised the team (when I was a coxswain on the Men’s team) about the benefits of changing our sheets to keep from getting sick. Most rowers go back to sleep after morning practice and breakfast with the team unless they work or have an 8am class. One of my captains, Josh took Paul’s advice one step further by suggesting we change our sheets before each regatta to get a good night’s sleep. Fresh linen was advice Josh received from his football coach in high school because a good night’s sleep has the advantage of powering a big win.

Think about it. A change of linen cocoons a positive environment with some comfy cozies from Christmas to be a sure way to bring some sweet dreams and well-rested rowers and coxswains to the race. Also those $5 blankets sound just right to bring along for the predawn drive without the worry of getting lost to another Goldilocks catching some Z’s in the trailers between races.


Extend Cell Phone Battery

What to Do, What to Do, What To Do…To extend power on your cell phone battery?

 Ironically, like life, power is spent and energy is drained in the choices we make, even in the way we use our phones. All the features we love in our phones demand power. Cell phone batteries do eventually degrade over time and from overcharging.

So then, what’s a rower or coxswain to do? If time is literally running through your fingers because you are always in the red on your phone’s power bar, try this power ten for a smooth recovery:

-Close out all Apps when not in use
-Turn down the Brightness setting
-Turn off WiFi
-Turn off Bluetooth
-Turn off Vibrate
-Turn off Notifications
-Turn off Location Services
-Update software
-Use a Power Battery Case
-Use an External Battery

Manufacturers advise to use only factory authorized accessories with all cell phones. And it may also help to keep from using extension cords when charging.