Green Monday

 That’s right, Green Monday. Who knew that the second Monday in December was Green? Green like the color of money for online shopping. Ebay first identified the e-sales trend on December 10, 2007 when sales increased 33% from the same day the previous year to spend $881 million online. Last year Cyber Monday had sales of 2.29 billion and Green Monday scored 1.4 billion.

So get shopping. I noticed a lot going on at Eastern Mountain Sports, and the usually quiet Patagonia, whose self outcast environmentally reserved stance is silently stoic during the high profile sale days of the season is offering web specials of last season’s inventory at half off with free shipping.

If you miss shopping on Green Monday, take heart there is always another sale. And there’s always next year too, so be ready in case you procrastinate yet again and mark December 14, 2015 on your new calendar for Green Monday.

Perez, Juan Carlos. “ComScore: Last Week Saw Strong Online Shopping.” PCWorld, December 24, 2007.


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