Extend Cell Phone Battery

What to Do, What to Do, What To Do…To extend power on your cell phone battery?

 Ironically, like life, power is spent and energy is drained in the choices we make, even in the way we use our phones. All the features we love in our phones demand power. Cell phone batteries do eventually degrade over time and from overcharging.

So then, what’s a rower or coxswain to do? If time is literally running through your fingers because you are always in the red on your phone’s power bar, try this power ten for a smooth recovery:

-Close out all Apps when not in use
-Turn down the Brightness setting
-Turn off WiFi
-Turn off Bluetooth
-Turn off Vibrate
-Turn off Notifications
-Turn off Location Services
-Update software
-Use a Power Battery Case
-Use an External Battery

Manufacturers advise to use only factory authorized accessories with all cell phones. And it may also help to keep from using extension cords when charging.


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