Cozy Christmas, Cozy Rower

Old Navy is pricing sleepwear at 60% off retail prices all weekend long. slippers and blankets are priced to sell at five bucks each. Perfect for a cozy Christmas and beyond.

What does this have to do with rowing? Everything. One of my coaches, Paul advised the team (when I was a coxswain on the Men’s team) about the benefits of changing our sheets to keep from getting sick. Most rowers go back to sleep after morning practice and breakfast with the team unless they work or have an 8am class. One of my captains, Josh took Paul’s advice one step further by suggesting we change our sheets before each regatta to get a good night’s sleep. Fresh linen was advice Josh received from his football coach in high school because a good night’s sleep has the advantage of powering a big win.

Think about it. A change of linen cocoons a positive environment with some comfy cozies from Christmas to be a sure way to bring some sweet dreams and well-rested rowers and coxswains to the race. Also those $5 blankets sound just right to bring along for the predawn drive without the worry of getting lost to another Goldilocks catching some Z’s in the trailers between races.



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