Ties That Bind

Why is there an extra set of eyelets on your running shoes? Look down now and see the last set of eyelets, the holes that are never laced because every single pair of running shoes you have ever owned came that way, fresh from the box. You took out the tissue paper, the cardboard and the foot stretchers, but you never, ever bothered to lace that last set of eyelets. There may have even been two sets of ending eyelets, not that you would know because you failed to notice.

Whether you use these eyelets or not, they have a unique purpose of prompting your heel to align in its proper place. So if you want your heel to stay and not lift from the sole during its commanding heel toe strike try lacing your entire running shoe.

And while you’re at it another improvement for proper fit and a way to extend wear is to lace your shoe with each changing season. You may already be in the process of getting new running shoes every three months, but if not try a fresh lacing. Think of rotating tires and the difference in weight and wear from the front and rear axles. In a similar way, differential stress placed on laces is a misalignment. New laces are not necessary, just a fresh realignment for ties that bind for a clean strike.

Brr… Power Ten


Brr… Baby it’s cold outside with temps earlier this morning falling below zero in NYC and much of the Northeast. To keep up with the daily grind besides lots and lots of coffee stay focused on getting to that Power Ten this spring engaging in spurts of ten right now:

10 push-ups
10 sit-ups, crunches
10 scullers
10 jumping jacks
10 flights of stairs
10… And repeat

You get the idea, the point is to move forward to warm up and move closer to our goals.

Happy Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day!

On this most presidential of all days, I began to wonder if any of our Presidents ever rowed. Not surprisingly, thanks to the Harvard Gazette, I found that former President and famous outdoorsman Teddy Roosevelt rowed the Charles when he attended Harvard, class of 1880. I also discovered that former President Jimmy Carter who turned 90 last year likes to erg. According to FitnessRepairParts.com, Carter who disappointed a lot of athletes with the 1980 Olympic Boycott of the Moscow Games personally called in search for a part for his rowing machine in 2011.