Last Spring Indoor, First Spring Outdoor Sprints

With snow dropping yesterday in the Northeast and many lakes still iced over, the 2015 Spring Regatta season officially opened with the last of the Spring Indoor and the first of the Spring Outdoor Sprints. Congrats to all who rowed in the Murphy Cup in Camden, New Jersey, the John Hunter Regatta in Gainesville, Georgia, and Regional Park in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Congrats and continued luck to rowers and coxswains in San Diego who get to compete another day as the San Diego Crew Classic continues throughout the weekend.
Good luck to all who compete today.

Spring Training Drive

I always pack something cozy like a soft fleece throw or jacket so I can take advantage of the long drive and catch up on some Z’s. Once my team did a double take wondering if they left me behind at a rest stop because I was so quiet.

Here’s something else that may help the long drive, especially if you finished watching House of Cards on Netflix. An erg does make an appearance in the White House but not until almost the end of the season. And maybe pick up some Gatorade or extra water for the upcoming week, you know you’re going to need it.

Icy Roads

It feels like Spring with the anticipation of Regattas as the snow melts and puddles on the side of the road. Be careful though there was a lot of ice this morning here in the Northeast and now is not the time for a quick slip, your team needs you fit.



The doors are opening right now in
the Agganis Arena at Boston University for the CRASH-B’s. Good luck to everyone especially to all rowers looking for a late registration in the Bull Pen.

“There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain”

-Playwright, tragedian and soldier, Aeschylus (525-456BC)