Great Quotes and Boats

“No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher, poet, individual, and transcendentalist.


More July Regattas

 Too bad the Rowing Canada Aviron Canadian Masters Championships chalked this weekend’s regatta. Today would have been the third and final day on Rabbit Lake. The RCA and Kenora Rowing Club cancelled on July 3 “due to insufficient registrations producing a lack of meaningful competition.”

In Waterloo, the Final Regional Des Jeux Du Quebec is hosted by Club D’Aviron Waterloo, Lac Waterloo. Continuing for a second day also in Canada, the ROWONTARIO Championships compete in Welland. 
  Also the final day for the 2015 World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria which started on July 22 with 24 countries represented.

In the U.S., the Diamond Master’s Regatta also continues for another day in Middletown, Delaware.

 And on Bryant Lake, the Twin Cities Juniors Sweep are held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Good luck to all summer competitors!

Moose Nugget and More

 The Moose Nugget Regatta continues its second day today in Wasilla, Alaska on you guessed it, Wasilla Lake. For some reason, I really like to say Moose Nugget and really like the way it sounds. It’s too bad I can’t work “Moose Nugget” into more conversations. This spectacular venue is hosted by the Anchorage Rowing Association.

Rowing since Wednesday, the USRowing Club National Championships continue in Bethel, Ohio on Harsha Lake. On Burnaby Lake, the Cascadia Regatta will start and continue competing over the weekend in Burnaby, BC. The St. Catherines Invitational is hosted by St. Catherines Rowing Club in non other than St. Catherine’s, ON on the Martindale Waterways.

Good luck to all for a great summer sprint!

FAO Schwarz

Good night FAO Schwarz. I really feel grown up now that FAO Schwarz is closing its iconic doors on Fifth. Maybe for the last time.
A new location may be found by Toys R Us for their premier store, FAO Schwarz in Manhattan, maybe on the West side. In the meantime, there’s the online catalog just like in the one in 1911 that offered a children’s Row-Cycle. Apparently rowing cycles were once very popular combining a rowing motion with a tricycle platform. So much so that in the 1880s road-scullers competitively raced in Madison Square Garden.

The USRowing Club Championships started today on Harsha Lake in Bethel, Ohio and continue over the next five days. Good luck to all competitors!

2015 World Rowing Cup

 The World Cup III continues in Lucerne through tomorrow.

The Capital Sprints in Washington, DC on the Anacostia River, the Lawrence Celebration Regatta in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the Duluth International Regatta in Duluth, Minnesota, the Chicago Sprints and the infamous International Championship, the Pan American Games Regatta in St. Catherine’s, Ontario will be held/start today.

Good luck to all competitors!

Treadmills Without Motors

What’s that, you say? Treadmills without motors, is that even possible? A resounding yes, yes, yes is the answer called to action by your feet.

Treadmills, the most used piece of exercise equipment in any gym is going old school. That’s right, what’s old is new again, and in this case you just need to look down below to your feet. Manual treadmills are showing up in edgy, high-end health clubs forgoing the digital, electronic connection we all rely on.

The newly resurrected, childlike conception of a treadmill looks to a hamster’s flywheel for inspiration. There is a concave surface instead of flat tread and one moves by their own power just like a hamster on a flywheel. Personal gravity becomes the accelerator and the brake as forward is go and backward is to stop or slow down. And all your personal gravity and effort adds up to burning more calories than traditional treadmills. Perfect for a diversion from the erg, short burst workouts or to rotate through the rest of your training.

According to the Wall Street Journal, up to 30% more calories can be burned on non motorized treadmills like the Woodway Curve of Waukesha, Wisconsin or the TrueForm Runner by Chapco. Star Trac plans to add a motorless treadmill with an incline to its lineup of treadmills sometime next year.

The digital displays are battery operated to keep track of progress, no need for an electric outlet with this baby. You can work out during a power outage or alone on a deserted island. And these treadmills take up less space and are quieter too. Then again, treadmills without borders take up no room at all.