August Regattas and a Race for Doddett’s Coat and Badge

The first of the August regattas start today at noon. In Philadelphia, the Quaker City Masters Regatta will be held on the Schuylkill River, hosted by the Fairmount Rowing Association. On Highland Lake, the Maine Rowing Association hosts the 25th Highland Lake Regatta/Maine State Championship in Bridgton, Maine. Rowing for even longer, the 54th Annual Summer Rowing Extravaganza will be held on Green Lake sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department of Seattle, Washington. And in Ridgefield Park/Leonia, New Jersey, the Overpeck Summer Sprints are hosted by the Bergen County Rowing Academy on Overpeck Lake.

Happy Anniversary to the Race for Doddett’s Coat and Badge on the River Thames! The race was originally held in 1715 to commemorate King George’s accession to the British throne and continues today just as it always has for the last 300 years.

Good Luck today in making your own history!


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