Day for Regattas

Today is the day for regattas! Good luck to all!

Hot in Cleveland…  The Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta is always held on the third Saturday in Seotember since 1996 when it initially launched as a Cleveland Bicentenial event. The Cleveland Rowing Foundation hosts high school, collegiate and adult competition from around the country in both sweep and sculling events. The Cuyahoga River provides challenging turns to navigate on over 4800 meters of crooked race course. The Cuyahoga River is primarily a commercial river waterway and will be closed to traffic for the duration of the HOTC.

For rules and regatta packet:

For information and updates see

For course map:

In Boston on the Charles, Community Rowing Inc, better know as RCI will host their Fall Classic Regatta, formerly known as “The Rumble on the River.” The RCI Fall Classic Regatta promises to be a “fun 3 mile head race” with a free musical festival including five bands. There will be food trucks and more from 2 to 6 near the Harry Parker Boat House.

The 15th annual Milwaukee River Challenge will be hosted by the Milwaukee Riverwalk District on the Menomonee and Milwaukee Rivers in you guessed it Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than 900 participants will row the 3-mile race starting at 25th and Canal Streets on the Menomonee River heading east to meet the junction of the Milwaukee River. Boats then need to navigate a 90 degree angle turn in order to continue north to the Schlitz Park finish line below Pleasant Street. For more information and venue, see:

Y Quad Cities Rowing and the Two Rivers YMCA will host the 25th annual Row the Miss Regatta in Moline, Illinois. There are over 108 entries from 12 clubs scheduled to race on the scenic backwater of the Mississippi River today in what is known as “the greatest head race of the Midwest” from 7am to 4pm. For more information see the website:

In North Little Rock, Arkansas, on the Arkansas River, the Arkansas Boathouse Club hosts the Six Bridges Regatta. The course will start at the Parwill launch at the Arkansas Boathouse in North Little Rock and head east to the start line near the Little Rock Airport. Crews will continue through downtown rowing under the forenamed bridges including the pedestrian bridge at the Clinton Presidential Library and finish at the pedestrian Junction Bridge. Check the website for venue information:

 In South Surrey, British Columbia, the Nicomeki Rowing Club on you guessed it, the Nicomeki River will host the Head of the River Regatta.

And last but not least an enviable regatta ending with a salmon barbecue in the beautiful state of Washington. The Otter Touring Regatta even sounds breathtaking in a good way. Hosted by Everett Rowing Association on Smith Island Road in Everett, Washington, the 8 mile course runs by and through the untouched sloughs of the Snohomish River up, about and around Otter Island. In addition to the scenic landscape is a chance to see otters, deer, seals, bald eagles and blue herons. The Otter Touring Regatta has a start time of 9:30 with lunch at 11:00 and a slew of volunteer coxswains familiar with the course available to add to your boat if need be. Boats can also be borrowed on a first come, first served availability.


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