The 51st Charles and More

The iconic 51st Head of the Charles, the largest two day rowing competition in the world will be held all weekend on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The challenging  three mile course passes under 6 bridges with many turns for coxswain to navigate. There will be more than 9000 rowers and coxswains making up 2,241 entries from 780 clubs aided by over 1,400 volunteers and viewed by over 400,000 spectators. For more information, results and live stream see:

*CANCELATION* the Head of the Hillsborough, a race planned for Harbour Island in Tampa,  Florida was cancelled by The Stewards Foundation due to safety issues in course construction. For further information see:

ROWtoberfest will be held in Chicago hosted by the Chicago Rowing Foundation at the brand new WMS Boathouse at Clark Park on the north branch of the Chicago River. The all inclusive regatta is in its second year. CRF is home to Pauly’s Pals,  a rowing program for children with autism. For more information see:

The Gator Head Regatta will be held on Newnans Lake in Gainesville, Florida hosted by Gainesville Area Rowing with 172 entries from 15 clubs. For information:

In Canada, the ERA Final, a sprint race will be held at Marina Venise in Laval, Quebec, hosted by Club d’aviron Terrebonne with 48 entries from 5 clubs. See the web:

The Western Canadian University Rowing Championship will be held on Burnaby Lake in Burnaby, BC, presented by the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club with 102 entries from 8 clubs.

The Rowing For RIO 2016 Pararowing Regatta will be held both Saturday and Sunday in Turin, Italy. Web:

The British Senior Rowing Championships will be held in Nottingham, UK both Saturday and Sunday. For more information see:

Good luck to all!

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