Stampfli Express

 The world’s longest rowing shell at a whopping 144 feet long, the Stampfli Express seats 24 rowers and a coxswain!  Think of it… 48 oars pulling  at once, in a boat that equals the size of a blue whale. The boat can be also be configured with a combination of sixteen scullers and eight sweep rowers.

 The Stampfli is the brainchild of three time Olympian, Swiss rowing legend Melchior Bürgin who is also the coxswain. The Stampfli was built in 2001 using an eight with two quadruple sculls shells on either side measuring an astounding 144 feet in length weighing in at about 925 pounds. All that and a svelte record time of 5:36 for a 2k.

The Stampfli Express started its American tour on September 14 in North Carolina on Jordan Lake for the CHAOS Challenge hosted by the CHAOS Rowing Club of Apex. Rowers were able to experience the whale sized Stampfli Express on the 1,000 meter race course. Since then, the Stampfli has made the regatta rounds like the Charles and is currently in Chattanoga, Tennessee for the Head of Hooch. If you can’t make the Hooch you can also grab a seat at the Head of the South next week in Augusta. I really want 17th seat, my lucky number!

Check out The Stampfli Express:


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