2015 Golden Oars Awards

Last night, the fifth annual Golden Oars Awards were held in NYC to honor the best of the best in rowing. As we all know, rowing is a demanding sport that we all survive and obsess over. Getting up before the sun rises in the mad dash rushing to water before wiping the sleep from our eyes begins many a long day and strong pull toward excellence. That is why we honor the best of the best in not who pulls the hardest but to those who consistently pull far and away from rowers who already give their all too. That takes a lot of excellence.

Congrats and oars to celebrate those honored with the 2015 Golden Oars Award for their outstanding performance and contribution to the sport of rowing:

Steve Gladstone, USRowing Medal

Seth Weil, Male Athlete of the Year

Megan Kelmoe, Female Athlete of the Year

Ginny Gilder, Jack Kelly Award

Peter Zanbergen, Jack Franklin Award

Judd Anderson, Anita DeFrantz Award

Ellen Minzner, Isabel Bohn Award

Congrats and oars to celebrate to the fan favorites chosen by the rowing community in receiving USRowing’s Fan Choice Awards:

Clark Dean, Junior Athlete of the Year

Nate Goodman, Collegiate Athlete of the Year

Greg Gillinger, Masters Athlete of the Year

Lauren Schmetterling, National Team Athlete of the Year

Brian de Regt, Junior Coach of the Year

Chuck Crawford, Collegiate Coach of the Year

Mark Borchelt, Masters Coach of the Year

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