Great Quotes and Boats

Henry Fank and Judith were rowing on Central Park Lake. Actually, Henry was trying, not too successfully, to row.

“I am not so good at this,” he said.

“You’re getting better,” said Judith. “But don’t pull so much, I think. You’re trying too hard.”

-Peter Cameron, Leap Year: A Novel (1990)

2016 CRASH-Bs and More

 The Crash-B’s are in Boston today. Need I say more?

The 2016 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championship will be held in the Agganis Arena, Boston University, 925 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Hosted by CRASH-B 2,321 entries are expected, 441 clubs will be represented in Junior, High School, Collegiate, Master, Adaptive and Elite categories.

The Saint Louis Indoor Rowing Championships will be held on the campus of Washington University in Saint Louis. There will be Master, Open, Collegiate, High School, Junior,  Novice, and Coxswain categories will be hosted by Washington University STL Rowing.

In California, The Sac State/ Chico State/ Cal Lights Tri Gold River will be held in Gold River hosted by Sac State Men’s Rowing.

 The Faultline Faceoff Invitational will be hosted by the Oakland Strokes for one more  day in El Sobrante, California on San Pablo Reservoir.

In Florida, the Sarasota Invitational will also continue again for another day on Nathan Benderson Lake, in Sarasota. Hosted By SCRC Sarasota Masters, there will be Junior, High School, Master and Adaptive categories.

 The Great Britain Rowing Team para-rowing third assessment will finish today in Caversham for Adaptive – International rowers.

 Nottingham Head Of The Trent will be held today in the East Midlands. Nottingham Union Rowing Club and Nottingham Rowing Club will co-host both the Nottingham Head of the Trent and the Nottingham Masters Head of the Trent.
And last but not least, the Maidstone Spring Head will be held in the Thames Region.

***Best wishes for BEST TIMES!!!

American Youth Cup, Hungry Eagles and More***

The America Youth Cup Series will be held today on Lake Minneola in Clermont, Florida. Sarasota Crew will host 108 entries from 8 clubs.

The Sarasota Invitational will be held both today and tomorrow on Nathan Benderson Lake in Sarasota.  Hosted By SCRC Sarasota Masters, there will be 691 entries from 66 clubs in Juniors, High School, Masters and Adaptive categories.

Also to be held over the weekend, the Faultline Faceoff Invitational in El Sobrante, California. Oakland Strokes will host 356 entries from 18 clubs at San Pablo Reservoir.

 The Hungry Eagle Indoor Sprints will land at the Skyline High School Auxilliary Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Skyline Crew will host 177 entries from 17 clubs in Juniors, High School, Collegiate and Masters categories. Middle School Rowers and Coxswain will erg 1000m, while all other rowers will erg 2000m. There will also be a 2k relay. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

The Midwest Championship, an  Erg Sprint will be held indoors at the Ohio State University RPAC, Tom Davis Gym, 337 W 17th Avenue, Columbus. Ohio State University Crew Club will host 388 from 15 clubs in Juniors, High School, Collegiate, Masters, Open and Elite categories.

  In Illinois, the  18th Annual Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships (CIRC) will be held at Chicago State University in the Jacoby Dickens Center, 9501 S. King Drive, Chicago. This is a Concept2 Adaptive event for the CIRC Adaptive Initative. For more information see:
The 2016 North Allegheny Indoor Rowing Championship will be held at Marshall Middle School, 5145 Wexford Run Road, Wexford, Pennsylvania. North Allegheny Rowing Association will host 280 entries from 13 clubs.
The 124 C Erg Sprints, a Concept2 event will be held in the Jamestown Indoor Rowing Center in Jamestown, North Carolina. High Point Rowing Club hosts 131 entries from 12 clubs in Juniors, High School, Collegiate, Masters, Open and Elite categories.
The Creighton 2K Rowing Challenge will be held in the DJ Sokol Arena, 701 Florence Blvd., Omaha, Nebraska. This is a Concept2 event. For more information see:…
 In Canada, the 2016 McMaster 2×4 Challenge will be held at McMaster University, South Hamilton, Ontario for Open, Collegiate Men & Women, High School,  Junior, Novice and Coxswain categories. There will also be a 4 person, 1 ergometer relay race.
 In British rowing, the GB Rowing Team para-rowing third assessment will be held over the weekend in Caversham for Adaptive – International rowers. 

 The Runcorn Spring Eights Head will be held in the North West Region on the River Weaver in Cheshire. Hosted by Runcorn Rowing Club, established in 1894, the 6000m race course runs from Pickerings’ Lock to Sutton Weaver.
 The annual Avon County Spring Head will be held in the WAGS Region. Avon County Rowing Club will host over 300 crews to Saltfird Rowing Centre and the 3500m and 1500m race courses on the River Avon. 
 Norwich Head Of The River will be hosted by Norwich Rowing Club. The 4100m course usually runs from Bramerton Green to Whitlingham Lane on the River Yare. The longer 5000m race course runs from Riverscourt to Whitlingham Green. There will also be a shorter 2000m race course for Juniors and Novice starting from Surlington Straight to finish at Whitlingham Green.
 The Reading University Head of the River will be held in the Thames Region hosted by the Reading University Boat Club.

***Cheers and much luck to all today. Crash-Bs tomorrow in Boston! 

2016 Lent Bumps

The Lent Bumps also know as Lent Races or the Lents are a rowing race held every year on the River Cam in Cambridge since 1897. The 2016 Lent Bumps will run from Tuesday, February 23 through Saturday February 27. Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs hosts college boat clubs from the University of Cambridge, the University Medical and Veterinary Schools and the Anglia Ruskin Boat Club.

The head race course, a 2.6k starts at the towpath and runs downstream along the northern side of the River Cam at Chesterton. The Pike and Eel pub is gone, but the site still offers a good vantage point, if a bit of a dry one. The Plough pub, in the village of Fen Ditton on the other bank is a good spot for a pint and for spectators to watch bumps occur around Grassy Corner and Ditton Corner.

Best wishes to all this week on the River Cam!

A Hammer, Two Rivers and a Peddie

***Cancellation: The Worcester Indoor Rowing Classic, Worcester, Massachusetts.

 The 2016 Hammer Ergatta, an indoor rowing race will be held at the Cleveland State University Recreation Center, 2420 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland State University Rowing Club, the “Vikings Crew” will host 237 entries from 16 clubs. Race  events include 2000m for Master, Open, Youth, 1000m for Coxswains, Open, Coaches and 3000m relays for Open and Youth categories. In keeping with tradition, gold hammers will be awarded for best times.

The Two River Erg Challenge will be held at Shrewsbury Borough School, 20 Obre Place Shrewsbury, New Jersey. This is a Concept2 event. Navesink Indoor Rowing and Two River Rowing will co-host 106 entries from 10 clubs in the Master, Collegiate, High School, Junior, Open and Coxswain categories.

 Also in Jersey, the Peddie Erg Challenge will be held in the Eric B. Hansen Field House on the Peddie School campus in Hightstown. Peddie School is set up to host 62 entries from 6 clubs.  

***Cancellation in Britain:

 City Of Bristol Head Of The River in the WAGS region.

Best of Luck to all! Next week, CRASH-B’s in Boston!

Power Pull and a Few Cancellations in Britain

 The 15th Annual Minnesota Power Pull will be held today in Rochester, Minnesota, hosted by Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota and co-sponsored by Rochester Community and Technical College. There will be 105 entries from 14 clubs. This is a Concept2 event to be held on campus at Heinz Center, 1926 College View Road East in Rochester.

In Georgia, the Atlanta Erg Sprints will be hosted by Georgia Tech. This Concept2, CRASH-B Satellite Event will be held at the Georgia Tech CRC, 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta Georgia 30332.

In Orlando,  Lake Brantley Rowing Association will host 189 entries from 26 clubs to a true Novice Regatta at Bill Frederick Turkey Lake Park.In California, the Pacific Novice Invitational will be held in San Francisco. The The Pacific Rowing Club will host a 113 lucky entries from 13 lucky clubs Lake Merced.

The Pepsi Open Indoor Rowing Championships, The Presidents’ Regatta, will once again be held in Kansas at the Topeka Pepsi Distribution Center. Five teams with almost 150 entries will compete in Master, Open, Collegiate, High School, Junior, Novice and Coxswain categories.

In British Rowing, the Worcester Head of the River, a 6k race downstream in the West Midlands Region on the River Severn from Camp Inn, Grimley to Diglis will be hosted by the Worcester Rowing Club. Wellies are suggested due to the recent high water levels.
Trafford Head of Bridgewater will be held in the North West Region.
 Hammersmith Head will be held in the Thames Region hosted by the Auriol Kensington Rowing Club. This is a closed river course of less than three miles on the River Thames in West London from Chiswick Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge. Presentation plaques and pint tankards will be awarded to the fastest crews. Stuffed savory pies with meat and veggie choices and sweet desserts will be available at the Hammersmith Head Pie Festival. Race results will be available live at the Auriol Kensington Rowing Club Bar, 14 Lower Mall Hammersmith, London.

***Cancellations in Britain:
Tyne Head Of The River in the Northern Region.
Newark Small Boats Head in the East Midlands Region.

Burway Head of the River in the Thames Region.

Pints, savory pies and desserts indeed! Cheers and good luck to all especially to novices as they experience their first regatta.

Rowing Dude Takes on Presidential Race 2016

Last year for Presidents’ Day, I found proof that two of our presidents were rowers. Teddy Roosevelt rowed while at Harvard and Jimmy Carter likes his erg. For Presidents’ Day this election year, I found something more appropriate in a freedom of speech kind of way.

Check out “Rowing Dude” who continued to erg on a balcony just above a Ted Cruz campaign rally in the Jefferson Community Center Gym on February 1. Jefferson, Iowa is just about an hour away from Des Moines. Rowing Dude noticed the crowded parking lot, the Ted Cruz campaign signs, the attentive audience and even the Texas Senator but was steadfast to his routine. He wanted to row.

Jon Ward, senior correspondent for Yahoo News gets credit for a keen eye and an ironic take on the the Iowa Caucuses. Turns out that Rowing Dude is Aussie father of four, Jason Roberts who can’t even vote. Roberts came to the US for college baseball and stayed on to build a life in Jefferson, Iowa, population of 4,276 or so, most days. This rowing dude is an athletic trainer for the Texas Rangers’ minor league system. And who was once the managing general partner of the Rangers before he was President? George Bush, brother of presidential hopeful Jeb.

In any event, Rowing Dude gets attention and criticism just like any other rower or presidential hopeful. He gets some great advice too. The best yet was from political and rowing analyst Elizabeth April (@elizabethadrina) who offered “You’re hands are dropping at the catch.”

Best wishes then, to everyone this Presidents’ Day, and a coxswain request to Rowing Dude: HANDS UP AT THE CATCH!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Erging Too

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Erging!
Wait, really?

Yep, for sure, absolutely guaranteed, especially if you are one of the 223 dedicated entries from any one of the 16 clubs competing at the Cincinnati Indoor Rowing Championships at Notre Dame Academy, 1699 Hilton Avenue, Park Hills, Kentucky. That’s right, the Cincinnati Indoor Rowing Championships are held not in Ohio but Kentucky. This is a Concept2, Crash-B Satellite event. The Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club will host Masters, Senior, Collegiate, High School, Adaptive, Veterans, Open, Coxswain and Junior heats.

In Oregon, the CybERG Games will be held at the University of Portland, Chiles Athletic Center, 5000 N Willamette Boulevard, Portland. Notice the nifty play on the word “cyborg” defined as the science fictional being mechanically extended beyond human limitations. Fitting because we do seem to be cogs in the machine especially on the erg. The CybERG Games are a rowing competition sanctioned by Concept2. Hosted by the Northwest Rowing Council, the CybERG Games hope to raise funds for a new 7 lane race course on Vancouver Lake.

 And in Great Britain, the third oldest rowing club, the Poplar, Blackwell and District Rowing Club (PBDRC) established in 1845, will host Greenwich Head of the River.

Good luck to all at today’s venues and best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day to all who row! Our hearts really do beat for erging!