Power Pull and a Few Cancellations in Britain

 The 15th Annual Minnesota Power Pull will be held today in Rochester, Minnesota, hosted by Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota and co-sponsored by Rochester Community and Technical College. There will be 105 entries from 14 clubs. This is a Concept2 event to be held on campus at Heinz Center, 1926 College View Road East in Rochester.

In Georgia, the Atlanta Erg Sprints will be hosted by Georgia Tech. This Concept2, CRASH-B Satellite Event will be held at the Georgia Tech CRC, 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta Georgia 30332.

In Orlando,  Lake Brantley Rowing Association will host 189 entries from 26 clubs to a true Novice Regatta at Bill Frederick Turkey Lake Park.In California, the Pacific Novice Invitational will be held in San Francisco. The The Pacific Rowing Club will host a 113 lucky entries from 13 lucky clubs Lake Merced.

The Pepsi Open Indoor Rowing Championships, The Presidents’ Regatta, will once again be held in Kansas at the Topeka Pepsi Distribution Center. Five teams with almost 150 entries will compete in Master, Open, Collegiate, High School, Junior, Novice and Coxswain categories.

In British Rowing, the Worcester Head of the River, a 6k race downstream in the West Midlands Region on the River Severn from Camp Inn, Grimley to Diglis will be hosted by the Worcester Rowing Club. Wellies are suggested due to the recent high water levels.
Trafford Head of Bridgewater will be held in the North West Region.
 Hammersmith Head will be held in the Thames Region hosted by the Auriol Kensington Rowing Club. This is a closed river course of less than three miles on the River Thames in West London from Chiswick Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge. Presentation plaques and pint tankards will be awarded to the fastest crews. Stuffed savory pies with meat and veggie choices and sweet desserts will be available at the Hammersmith Head Pie Festival. Race results will be available live at the Auriol Kensington Rowing Club Bar, 14 Lower Mall Hammersmith, London.

***Cancellations in Britain:
Tyne Head Of The River in the Northern Region.
Newark Small Boats Head in the East Midlands Region.

Burway Head of the River in the Thames Region.

Pints, savory pies and desserts indeed! Cheers and good luck to all especially to novices as they experience their first regatta.


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