Happy Monday

Happy, Happy Monday! I love this time of year. The days are getting longer and the air is optimistically brisk with a twang of excitement between the risk of more snow or the early onset of some spring fever. Happily, today here in the Northeast the sun knowingly shines secure in the fact that both are meant to be.

So, with thoughts running toward rumblings of ice and playing hooky, why not have both right now? The erg will still be there, taunting you to the whirl that plays out every spring. I suppose you could play hockey or curl (the icy kind with a broom, silly), to win an icy spring fever good time scoring some quick takeaway action. But that’s a lot of gearing up for a passing fancy. But what if you could steal a little me time and still meet the goal of that icy brisk release away just for a quick, savoring moment much like the in between time like today?

Well, Happy Monday! Steal some me time with a half price Frappacino at Starbucks anytime today after 2pm. Even better, earn your favorite Frappacino after some time well spent on the erg because spring season is fast approaching as if you could really hear those regatta cow bells stirring in the air.


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