2016 Regional Regattas and More


The FSRA Sweep Championships will be held today and tomorrow May 1, 2016 in Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida. Florida Scholastic Rowing Association will host 276 entries from 41 High School teams and Juniors clubs. 

Also held over the weekend in California on both Saturday and Sunday, the Western Collegiate Rowing Championships will be held April 30, 2016 through May 1, 2016 on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, hosted by S.A.C./ Sacramento State Aquatic Center. There will be 231 entries from 36 clubs.


Another regatta for the weekend, held over the next two days is the Dogwood Junior Championship in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Oak Ridge Rowing Association will host 477 entries from 32 clubs on Melton Lake. 

The Charlie Butt Regatta will be held today on the Potomac River in DC hosted by Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association. There will be 130 entries from 16 High School teams. Coaches and coxswain meeting at 6:30am.

The Colorado State Rowing Championships will be held in Denver at the Cherry Creek Reservoir for 42 entries from 4 High School clubs hosted by the Mile High Rowing Club.

The  Lake Shawnee Spring Classic Regatta should be held on Lake Shawnee right? You betcha, Lake Shawnee is in Topeka, Kansas, by the way and the regatta has the Topeka Rowing Association hosting 143 entries from 14 clubs in Junior, Collegiate, Open and Masters categories.

The Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championship will be held in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania for Collegiate rowers. Susquehanna Rowing Association will host. 

The New England Rowing Championship will be held on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester Massachusett for Collegiate Men and Collegiate Women. Quinsigamond Rowing Association will host. 

The Al Urquia Regatta will be held today on the Occoquan Reservoir in  Fairfax Station, Virginia. Hosted by the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association, there will be 223 entries from 33 clubs. 

America Rows Mid-Atlantic Regional Regatta will be held in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Rowing Club will host 92 entries from 9 clubs.

The Hebda Cup will be held in Wyandotte, MIchigan for High School rowers. Wyandotte Boat Club will host. 

  The 21st Annual Grand Rapids High School Rowing Invitational will be held in you guessed in Grand Rapids, MIchigan. Forest Hills Central Rowing will host 161 entries from 10 clubs. 

Texas vs UVA Austin, Texas, Collegiate.

Nat & Anne Case Cup: Yale at Brown Providence, Rhode Island, Collegiate.

Parents Cup: Cornell at Dartmouth Hanover, New Hampshire, Collegiate.

Duke at Princeton women Princeton, New Jersey, Collegiate.

EARC Heavyweight Men: Content Cup: Princeton vs. Brown, Lake Carnegie, New Jersey, Jablonic Cup: Boston University vs. Wisconsin, DeWolfe Boathouse, Madeira Cup: Cornell vs. Dartmouth, Penn, Ithaca, NY,Smith Cup: Harvard vs. Northeastern, Charles River, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cochrane Cup: MIT vs. Wisconsin, Charles River,  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Rutgers vs. Delaware, Raritan River. 

EARC Lightweight  Men:Goldthwait Cup: Princeton vs. Harvard, Yale, Carnegie Lake, New Jersey, Callow Cup: Penn vs. Navy, Philadelphia, Baggeley Bowl: Dartmouth vs. Cornell, Hanover, New Hampshire. 

 In British Rowing, the British Universities and Colleges Sports Regatta will be held over the bank holiday, today through May 2. The BUCS will host 1166 entries from 73 universities providing roughly 2647 rowers at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham. Different this year will be multiple entries in  championship categories. 

The Chiswick Amateur Regatta will be held in the Thames region. 

The Merseyside Regatta will be held in the North West Region. 

The Evesham Regatta will be held in the West Midlands region.

The York Spring Regatta will be held in the Yorkshire region.

And last but not least, the Bideford Head will be held today on the Upper Torridge Course hosted by the Bideford Amateur Rowing Club, established in 1870 and locally know as the “Blues.”

Cheers and best of luck to all!


2016 SSC Championships in Florida


Big surprise, there will be rowing in sunny Florida. The 2016 Sunshine Coast Conference Championship will be held today for collegiate heats in Women’s Rowing hosted by the University of Tampa at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota. 

Entries are from Barry, Florida Tech, Nova Southeastern, Rollins and Tampa. Barry captured the Women’s Rowing National Championship last year. Nova Southeastern won the Women’s Rowing National Championship in 2013 with Barry placing a close second. Nova Southeastern placed second nationally in 2014 while earlier in 2006 Barry placed second. Barry, Nova Southeastern and Florida Tech are the triple threat this go round as all are nationally ranked this year. Barry, nationally ranked first is favored to take the SSC Championship for a record seventh time. Florida Tech rises to be ranked 4th nationally and Nova Southeastern is ranked sixth. 

Nathan Benderson Park has been the venue for the SSC Championships in Women’s Rowing for the last four years, previously held at Canal 54 in Fellsmere. The 2014 World Cup Final and the first round of the 2015 World Cup were both held at Nathan Benderson Park. 


Final Day for US Olympic and Paralympic Trials in Florida 

*Cancellation: The Cooper Cup planned for Cooper River in Camden, New Jersey has been cancelled by the South Jersey Rowing Club.

  Today is the final day for the 2016 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Trials held in Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, Florida. Winners will earn a seat and row in Rio except for the winners of the M1x and M2x heats who will move forward to the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta hosted by USRowing.

 The rescheduled 3rd Annual Overpeck Regional Youth Regatta will be held today on Overpeck Lake, Teaneck/Leonia, New Jersey. Bergen County Rowing Academy will host 204 High School and Junior entries from 28 clubs. 

The 8th Annual Ithaca Inlet Ice Breaker will be held on Cayuga Lake Inlet in Ithaca, New York hosted by the Cascadilla Boat Club. There will be 55 entries from 8 clubs. 

EARC Heavyweight Men: Packard Cup: Dartmouth vs. Syracuse, Hanover, New Hampshire, Rutgers vs. Bucknell, Raritan River.

EARC Lightweight Men: Subin Cup: Dartmouth vs. Columbia, Hanover, New Hampshire.

  In British Rowing, the Hammersmith Amateur Regatta continues in the Thames region. The 1400m course is free start with the tide. Tideway navigation rules apply meaning the river will remain open to other users. 

 The Leicester Rowing Club, established 1882 will host the Leicester Regatta in the East Midlands region on the mile straight Grand Union Canal in Leicester City Centre. Racing will be held while the canal remains open to the public with a batch system of 6 to 10 races run every 30 minutes. 

The Lea Spring Regatta will be hosted by the Lea Rowing Club.

 In World Rowing, the 2016 Asian & Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta semifinals will be held in Chungju, South Korea. Water conditions have been perfect with a slight tail wind on Tangeum Lake. 


The Hoover, Olympic Hopefuls and More

 *CANCELLATION: Garden State Scholastic Championships planned for Cooper River in  Camden, New Jersey hosted by the Camden County Boathouse due to delays in the dredging project.

  The US Olympic Trials continue in Florida hosted by USRowing.

The Hoover Regatta will be held on the Hoover Reservoir in Westerville, Ohio hosted by the Westerville Rowing Association for 210 entries from 26 clubs.

  The Upper Merion 51st Annual Regatta will be held today on the Schuylkill River in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania hosted by Upper Merion Area High School. There will be 186 High School and Junior entries from 22 Clubs. 

Due to low water levels, the Tulsa Route 66 Invitational will be switched from the Arkansas River venue to Rogers Point Park on Verdigris River in Catoosa, Oklahoma.  The Tulsa Rowing Club along with the City of Catoosa and the University of Tulsa will host 138 entries from 10 clubs to the four lanes of 1250m fast river course. 

The B1G/Big12 Double Dual will be held in Madison, Wisconsin.

In Ithaca, New York, the Dunn Bowl: Brown, Boston University at Cornell.

In New Jersey, Dartmouth, Penn, UMass at Princeton. And the Class of 1984 Award Plaque: Dartmouth, Penn, Bucknell at Princeton plus George Washington, Georgetown, Rutgers and Williams at Princeton. 

The Case Cup: Radcliffe at Yale, the Carnegie Cup: Yale vs. Cornell, Princeton and the Durand Cup: Yale vs. Dartmouth, Derby, Connecticut. 

EARC Heavyweight Men: Brown vs. Dartmouth, Conlan Cup: Columbia vs. Boston University and Syracuse, Adams Cup: Harvard vs. Navy, Penn, Holy Cross vs. Trinity, Wesleyan, MIT vs. Bates, Devil’s Lake Dual: Wisconsin. 

EARC Lightweight Men: Wood-Hammond Cup: Princeton vs. Penn, Georgetown, Haines Cup: Navy vs. Harvard, Delaware, and the Geiger Cup: Cornell vs. Columbia, MIT. 

In British Rowing, the Birmingham Regatta will be held on Saturday, April 23,2016 in the West Midlands region at the Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham City Centre hosted by Birmingham Rowing Club.

  The Hammersmith Amateur Regatta will be held in the Thames region. Founded in 1924, the Hammersmith Regatta has been held every year except for the years during WWII, 1940 through 1945. The reason for using ‘Amateur’ in the title is because of the status of rowing at the time the regatta was established. Rowers were considered either professional, artisans or gentlemen. The professional rowers were just that. Superstar scullers revered when rowing was in its heyday rewarded with superstar prize incentive that was enough to provide a large income at the time. British Rowing’s predecessor, the Amateur Rowing Association disallowed manual workers the right to row and compete against gentlemen white collar workers. The working men’s clubs raced in separate town regattas like the Hammersmith Borough, leaving gentlemen the opportunity to compete in amateur regattas like the Hammersmith Amateur. By 1937, these divisions became archaic leaving all regattas and clubs with amateur status. 


In World Rowing, the Varese International Regatta starts today and continues through tomorrow in Varese, Italy.

Another day for the Asia and Oceania Continental Qualification Regatta Chungju, South Korea hosted by FISA.

And today is the final day for The 2016 FISA Paralympic Qualification Regatta in northern Italy on beautiful Lago di Varese in Gavirate organized by the A.S.D. Canottieri Gavirate. 

Earth Day / Asian and Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta 

Happy Earth Day! The FISA 2016 Asian and Oceania Continental Olympic Qualification Regatta will be held today through April 25 in Chungju, a city in the North Chungcheong Province of South Korea on Tangeum Lake. The first South Korean rowing regatta was held on Han River in 1925. In 1962, the Korean Rowing Association was established in Seoul, just two years before sending a team to compete in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. South Korea hosted the 2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta on Tangeum Lake. This is the first time for the combined FISA Asian and Oceania Continental Olympic Qualification Regatta with Olympic hopeful entries from 26 countries. Categories include M1x, LM2x, W1x and LW2x

Man-made Tangeum Lake sits perfectly poised between Chungju Dam and Jojung Dam offering calm, rowing on glass water conditions thanks to the floodgates of both dams. The venue is spectacular with a marine center accommodating the two story boathouse, enclosed grandstand seating for 1,100, finish tower, and a 2000m floating road for TV crews.

2016 FISA Paralympic Qualification Regatta 

The 2016 FISA Paralympic Qualification Regatta will be held today through Saturday April 23 in northern Italy on beautiful Lago di Varese in Gavirate organized by the A.S.D. Canottieri Gavirate. This is an international regatta with 51 Paralympic hopefuls competing from Mexico, Russia, Korea, Hungary, Germany, Poland, China, Kenya, Argentina, Australia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and the United States.

The FISA development programme and the Agitos Foundation funds a ten week camp before the FISA Paralympic Qualification Regatta to introduce the sport of para-rowing to more countries and to garner support for para-rowing programmes. Five new countries are in attendance this year.The training site in Gavirate provides access to ergometers, weights, exercise bikes, indoor rowing tanks and on water training sessions for both athletes and coaches.

Racing categories include W2x (Women’s Double Sculls), M2x (Men’s Double Sculls), LM2x (Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls, LM4-(Lightweight Men’s Four), LM1x (Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls), M2+ (Men’s Coxed Pair), ASW1x (AS Women’s Single Sculls), LM4x (Lightweight Men’s Quad Sculls) LTAMix2x (LTA Mixed Double Sculls), LTAMix4+ (LTA Mixed Cox Four). The top two sculls in each category qualify for Rio.

In bocca al lupo!

Coxing in Reduced Visibility




Rowing in reduced visibility can be a frightening task. Picture yourself thick in the pea soup Brit fog of a Sherlock Holmes plot or running from a Scooby Doo villain, the problem is that you just can’t see where you are going.

As a college rower I remember receiving the “Practice is canceled due to fog” text, the one that every rower secretly desires and I happily welcomed at 4am. I relished getting a couple more hours of the best kind of sleep, stolen from a cancelled responsibility. The text always followed with an OYO (On Your Own) erg practice. It didn’t matter. I knew at the time guilt would provide the momentum to get to the erg at my own convenience. Oh what a thought free will at that. And the simply delicious feeling of stolen sleep would be long lasting too.

I also have been tasked with steering a crew in fog that appeared never ending. Fog crept out of nowhere swallowing the sightline whole. I was able to cox our home course relying on memory using treetops to navigate back to the dock.

Here are R2R’s Tips for Coxing in Reduced Visibility     

1. Common Sense. Be aware of your surroundings, instinct and responsibility. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

2. Regardless of your coach’s demands, only take a crew out on the water if you personally feel comfortable.

3. Know your course. Become familiar with the curves of the river, where sand bars, channel markers and rocks are and be aware of the level of traffic expected at the time of launching.

4. Remember fog can become thicker without warning and fog will most likely thicken as the sun begins to rise.

5. Remember that others on the water have limited sight distance too. Be cognizant of stopping especially if another crew is directly behind you. Anticipate that another crew may stop in your path.

6. Do not alter course often or erratically. Do not be afraid to stop, plan, and get your bearing if needed. Solicit your bow to turn around and help with the line of sight.

7. Wear bright colors.

8. Bow light and Stern light: Make sure they are in working order before you head to the dock.  R2R Quick tip: Velcro stern lights using the loop of the coxswain’s hat or around a ponytail holder for 8+.    

9. Change the workout. Avoid starts, sprints and any other fast workouts where rowers could potentially lose focus. A practice of drills like Cut-the-Cake mixed in with some Slow Steady State is best.     

10. Listen. Listen for boat traffic and for other crews on the water.

11. Communicate. Communicate to other crews around you but also communicate to your crew make sure they are fully aware of the possible danger fog can cause. Maintain zero talking in the boat unless there’s an immediate danger. Use your voice to remind the rowers to stay alert, focused and calm.

12. Cell Phone. Always bring a cell phone out with you in case of emergency.

Olympic Trials and Open Ocean Rowing, Oh My!

 On the road to Rio! The Olympic and Paralympic Trials will start today, April 17 and continue for the next eight days to April 24 at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida hosted by USRowing. There will 73 entries from 30 clubs. This course will be used for the 2017 World Championships. 

Today’s schedule:

6:40- 7:40 AM Practice No launching after 7:00

3:00 PM Coaches and Athlete Meeting M4x

5:00 PM Time Trial M4x 3 entries

5:30-7:30 Practice 

 The 40th Annual Open Ocean Regatta will be held today hosted by the Open Water Rowing Center (OWRC) in Sausalito, California on San Francisco Bay. The OWRC takes rowing in open water seriously offering special race prep clinics leading up to today. There will be 48 entries in shells and traditional boats from 13 clubs choosing from three different courses in length and water conditions.  

The short Downtown Triangle Course and the medium Richardson Bay Course both head along protected water. More challenging is the 14k Diablo Course due to the unpredictable conditions of open ocean rowing. The Diablo is the Black Diamond of open rowing geared for the most experienced open water rowers. The longest course will start near downtown Sausalito continuing under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge turning around at Diablo Point, returning back under the Golden Gate Bridge toward Belvedere’s Peninsula to finish back at the Sausalito waterfront starting point. Talk about coming full circle. Best part, there’s a post race barbecue!

  The 5th Manny Flick / Horvat Series will be held today in Philadelphia with an astounding 579 entries from 80 clubs. This is the final invitational sprint in the series on the Schuylkill River hosted by the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association.

UConn hosts URI, UVM UNH, UMASS and UML on home course at Patriot Park on Coventry Lake, Coventry, Connecticut. Go Huskies!

EARC Lightweight Men: Yale vs. Cornell, Derby, Connecticut. 

  The Covered Bridge Regatta continues for another day on Dexter Lake hosted by the Oregon Association of Rowers.

  The FSRA Sculling Championships will finish today at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida hosted by the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association.

  The SIRA continues on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee hosted by the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association. 

The Texas Rowing Championships (TRC) will finish today at Festival Beach Park on Lady Bird Lake in Austin hosted by the Austin Rowing Club. 

In North Carolina, the Clemson Invite will conclude with final heats and Class of 1989 Points Plaque: Cornell vs. Penn, Clemson.

The Mercer Lake/ISA Sculling Championships will wrap up at Mercer County Park in West Windsor, New Jersey.

And the Lake Natoma Invitational will finish today in Gold River, California. 



On the road to Rio in World Rowing, the 2016 World Cup wraps up today with finals in beautiful Varese, Italy organized by the Comitato Organizzatore dei Campionati. In bocca al lupo!

Row for Autism and More


The 5th Annual Row for Autism will be held at North Hempstead Beach Park in Port Washington, New York Hosted by the Friends of Port Rowing. There will be 183 entries from 21 clubs.  

The Darrell Winslow Regatta will be held today at the Occoquan Reservoir in Fairfax Station, Virginia hosted by the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association. There will be 248 High School entries from 48 clubs.  

 The FSRA Sculling Championships will be held over the next two days at Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, Florida. Florida Scholastic Rowing Association will host 296 entries from 34 clubs.

The Cincinnati High School Invitational will be held on Harsha Lake in Bethel, Ohio, hosted by the Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club. There will be 170 entries from 14 clubs competing in High School and Junior categories.

Also in Ohio, the Dillon Lake Scholastic Sprints, formerly known as the Dillon Lake Invitational, will be held on Dillon Lake in Nashport. Dillion Lake LOC will host 213 entries from 22 High School teams.  

The Covered Bridge Regatta will be held over the next two days just 15 miles southeast of Eugene, Oregon on Dexter Lake. Oregon Association of Rowers will host 623 entries from 30 clubs in Juniors, High School, Open and Masters categories. 

The Texas Rowing Championships (TRC) will be held over the weekend at Festival Beach Park on Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Austin Rowing Club will host 523 entries from 21 clubs including Junior and Master crews from the state of Texas competing over the next two days. The 1000m race course is fully buoyed with 7 lanes.  Competing in the TRC determine s the best high school rowers in Texas. The next step for the successful rowers will be the opportunity to compete in the Central District Youth Rowing Championship for a chance to race at the USRowing Youth National Championships

The Mercer Lake/ISA ScullingChampionships will be held at 2016 Mercer County Park in West Windsor, New Jersey. Princeton National Rowing Association will host 513 entries from 46 clubs. The 2016 Mercer Lake Sprints will span 2 days, Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17 and keep to the same schedule as last year. Novice will race 1500m today.Varsity will will race 2000m on Saturday with – 1x, 2x, 2- and A and B finals on Sunday. The last race on Sunday will be open to the teams earning the top performance in the Mens and Womens Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ events. These teams will race a Men’s 8+, Women’s 8+, Men’s 4+ and Women’s 4+ in a 500 meter sprint relay. One dollar from every rower competing in the regatta will be collected by the Princeton National Rowing Association to support the Junior National Team. 


The Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Championships (SIRA) will be held both Saturday and Sunday on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee hosted by the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association. There will be 322 entries from 61 clubs. 

  The Kerr Cup will be held on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Drexel University  will host 218 entries  from 34 clubs at the Bachelors Barge Club, #6 Boathouse Row.  In 1967, Drexel University Alumni established the Kerr Cup to honor former Drexel Coach, Dr. Thomas Kerr, Jr. who started the Drexel rowing program in the fall of 1957 and was coach, team’s physician and surgeon until 1968. An accomplished and devoted rower, Kerr in the 1932 Olympics competed in the 4+ and also competed in th National Champion 8+ in 1931. In 1987, Kerr was inducted into the Drexel Athletic Hall of Fame.  

In Massachusetts, the UMass Lowell Invite will be held on the Merrimack River in Lowell. 
The Clemson Invite will be held both today and tomorrow in Clemson, North Carolina. 

The Lake Natoma Invitational will be held today and tomorrow in Gold River, California. 

The Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational will be held on Clinton Lake at the Parnell Boat Access in Farmer City. The University of Illinois Rowing Club will host 71 Collegiate entries from 12 clubs. 

The 18th Annual Busfield Regatta will be held at the Les Wagner Rowing Center in Owego, New York. There will be 42 entries from 8 clubs hosted by the Binghamton University Crew

In New Jersey, the Eisenberg Cup will be at stake for Yale, Southern California at Princeton. 

In California, Cal Lightweights will host a Dual Meet with Cal Lights competing with CMA Heavies at the Oakland Estuary in Oakland.   

EARC Heavyweight Men includes: DREISSIGACKER CUP: Northeastern vs. Brown, Bill Cup: Dartmouth vs. Boston University, Rutgers, Blackwell Cup: Penn vs. Columbia, Yale, Goes Cup: Navy vs. Cornell, Syracuse, Georgetown vs. Holy Cross, Princeton, Compton Cup: Harvard vs. MIT, Princeton, Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

EARC Lightweight Men includes: Dodge Cup: Penn vs. Yale, Columbia, Biglin Bowl: Dartmouth vs. Harvard, MIT, Platt Cup: Princeton vs. Cornell, Navy vs. Georgetown.

  *Cancellation: In British Rowing, the Chester Le Street Regatta in the Northern region has been cancelled for today due to water level. 

  The Oxford City Bumping Races hosted by the City of Oxford Rowing Club will be held today in the Thames region. The course runs 1800m upstream on the River Isis in Oxford for Senior, Junior and Open 4+ crews comprised of four rowers, a coxswain, a poleman and a bicycle riding judge. Yes you read that right, a bicycle riding judge. Men and women race in separate divisions. Start time is based on last year’s finish time and order. The goal is to finish well for next year’s position. 

The annual Dart Head will be held today hosted by the Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club. The 15 kilometer race will start up river from Dartmouth to Totnes. 


The Derby Really Small Boats Head in the West Midlands Region hosted by the Derby Rowing Club. The Derby Really Small Boats Regatta was rescheduled from the original April 13 date. 


And 2016 World Cup continues today with the semifinals in Varese, Italy organized by the Comitato Organizzatore dei Campionati finishing with tomorrow’s finals. For live feed check HERE  

Whew! That my friend, is a lot of rowing. Good luck to all.