2016 SSC Championships in Florida


Big surprise, there will be rowing in sunny Florida. The 2016 Sunshine Coast Conference Championship will be held today for collegiate heats in Women’s Rowing hosted by the University of Tampa at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota. 

Entries are from Barry, Florida Tech, Nova Southeastern, Rollins and Tampa. Barry captured the Women’s Rowing National Championship last year. Nova Southeastern won the Women’s Rowing National Championship in 2013 with Barry placing a close second. Nova Southeastern placed second nationally in 2014 while earlier in 2006 Barry placed second. Barry, Nova Southeastern and Florida Tech are the triple threat this go round as all are nationally ranked this year. Barry, nationally ranked first is favored to take the SSC Championship for a record seventh time. Florida Tech rises to be ranked 4th nationally and Nova Southeastern is ranked sixth. 

Nathan Benderson Park has been the venue for the SSC Championships in Women’s Rowing for the last four years, previously held at Canal 54 in Fellsmere. The 2014 World Cup Final and the first round of the 2015 World Cup were both held at Nathan Benderson Park. 


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