World Rowing Cup III 2016 and Henley Women’s Regatta 2016


World Rowing Cup III 2016 will start today and continue through the weekend in West Central Poland in the city of Poznan with a population of 550,000. The regatta course is on Lake Malta, former host of the the 2007 European Rowing Championships, the 2009 World Rowing Championships and the 2014 European Rowing Championships. For more information check HERE

Events offered will be:

1x 2x 2- 2+ 4x 4- 8+

Women (W) 1x 2x 2- 4x 4- 8+

Lightweight Men (LM) 1x

2x 2- 4x 4- 

Lightweight Women (LW) 1x 2x 4x  

Para-rowing AS

W1x AS

M1x TAMix






More than 1500 rowers will compete at the 30th Henley Women’s Regatta held today June 17 through June 19 at Henley-on-Thames. There will be Open, Collegiate, Women, HS, Adaptive and Junior entries at the International competition. The regatta course starts at Temple Island to finish at the  Remenham Club. For more information check HERE. For livestream check HERE

Best wishes to all!


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