Moose and Regattas

Moose and regattas oh my! It must be summer if there’s rowing outdoors in Alaska!

Moose Nugget Regatta 2016 will be held today and tomorrow on Wasilla Lake in Wasilla, Alaska for 125 Master and Junior entries from 3 clubs hosted by Anchorage Rowing Association. The 1000m race course begins at Newcomb Park on Lake Wasilla.

The 21st Kennebec Row 5K will be held today in Skowhegan, Maine for 32 Master, Open and  Junior entries from 6 clubs hosted by Maine Rowing Association. The race course for singles and doubles of racing shells, recreational shells and alden ocean shells will run  5000m. The first stretch flows downstream from the Kennebec Banks Rest Area for 2500m turning around two orange BEMA buoys to finish back upstream. The overtaking boat will have the right of way forcing the overtaken boat to the outside. Bow balls and bow clips are required and life jackets and heel tie-downs or other quick release foot gear is recommended.

Club National Championships continue in Bethel, Ohio for Open, Collegiate, High School, Adaptive and Junior entries hosted by USRowing.

For heat sheet check HERE.

In Canada, St. Catharines Invitational will be held in St. Catharines, Ontario for 257 Master,  Adaptive and Junior entries from 18 clubs hosted by St. Catherines Rowing Club on Martindale Pond.
Also in Canada, the  Cascadia Masters Championship will be held in Burnaby, BC for 443 Master and Adaptive entries from 30 clubs hosted by Cascsdia Rowing Association on Lake Burnaby.

The British Junior Rowing Championships  will be held over the next two days in the Thames region in Nottingham.

Molesey Amateur Regatta will be held in the Thames region today, July 16. This is the 150 anniversary for the Molesey Boat club, established in 1866.

In World Rowing, the 2016 Open Baltic Sea Championships continue to finals today  in Lithuania. The regatta is a 2000m head race for Senior A, Lightweights, Master and Junior entries hosted by the Lithuanian Rowing Federation on Lake Galve in Trakai.
The 2016 Czech International Masters Championships will be held today and tomorrow in the Czech Republic.  The 1000m regatta for Masters is hosted by the Czech Rowing Association.
Best wishes to all!


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