World Rowing Masters Regatta 2016

World Rowing Masters Regatta 2016 (WRMR) will start today in Copenhagen, Denmark for Master – International entries on Lake Bagsvaerd hosted by the Danish Rowing Federation and sanctioned by FISA. Lake Bagsvaerd is less than ten miles north of Copenhagen and has a long history for hosting many international competitions in rowing, sailing and other water sports. The World Rowing Masters Regatta will extend to 8 lanes.


Highlighting yesterday’s opening ceremony was Australian WRMR veteran Walter N. Howell age 87, bronze medalist in the 1956 Olympic Games who said “They say rowing keeps you fit, and I’ve been in the world masters titles for 15 years now, and won a lot of gold medals. The doctors say that I have the heart rate and everything of a young man and they told me to keep rowing.” Sound advice for a sport we all love. 


Walter N. Howell, age 87, Olympic Bronze Medalist 1956

 Over 500 volunteers will be on hand to welcome 3462 World Rowing Masters representing 584 clubs from 40 countries competing in 500 plus heats. And it all happens in just four days. 

For livestream through September 11 check HERE





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