Time Flies, Rowers Row


 I can’t believe it’s September 25th already. Where does the time go? I guess time really does fly. Especially on a day like today with enough of a snap in the air and a regatta to pull for. Time flies and rowers row. 


Kings Head Regatta on the Schuylkill 2016 will be held today on Schuylkill River in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania hosted by Upper Merion Boat Club. There will be 285 entries from 53 clubs. 


Charlie Butt Scullers’ Head of the Potomac 2016 will hold its 36th annual regatta in Washington, DC today for EARC HM,EARC LM, EAWRC, EAWRC LW, Master, Open, Collegiate, High School, Junior and Novice entries hosted by Potomac Boat Club

The 31st Annual Head of the Androscoggin will be held in Greene, Maine for Master, Open,  Collegiate, High School and  Junior entries. Head of the ‘Scog is a stake turn head race rowing upstream  on Androscoggin River for singles and doubles. The course runs from Bates newly built boathouse on the east shore section of the Androscoggin River called Gulf Island Pond to a stake placed 1.5 miles away with a return back to the boathouse start line. Maine Rowing Association and Bates College will host 18 entries from 3 clubs.


The Chicago Dirty Dozen is back! This time the Challenge is a 5k on the Chicago River in where else but  Chicago, Illinois. In August, these competitors rowed a 3k, and next time in October the Chicago Dirty Dozen will row a 6k. Allied Rowing Club of Illinois will host 5 entries from 2 clubs. 

In British Rowing, Monmouth Autumn Head will be held Sunday 25th September 2016 on the River Wye in Wales. The 2,250 race will be hosted by Monmouth Rowing Club.

Chester Long Distance Sculls will be held Sunday 25th September 2016 in the North West region hosted by Royal Chester Rowing Club. 


In Canada, Rowing British Columbia will host the RC National Rowing Championships-Canada Cup with finals today September 25, 2016 on Burnaby Lake in Burnaby, British Columbia.

And in World Rowing, Tour du Léman à l’Aviron will wrap up today in Geneva, Switzerland for Master, Novice, International and Other entries above 18 years old hosted by Société Nautique de Genève.

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