52nd Head of the Charles and More

What a weekend for rowing. You’ve got the 52nd Charles on an overcast and potentially rainy day in Cambridge with three miles of trepidation and exhilaration. You’ve got the British Rowing Senior Championships in Nottingham and the World Rowing Coastal Championships on the Mediterranean Sea in the lap of luxury in Monaco. There’s also a Hidden Dragon in Ohio, a Gator Head in where else but Florida and a Secret to be had in the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. And in Britain there is a River Race with Long Distance to cover and Small Boats and Silver Squalls. Sounds a bit like a treasure hunt to me.

The infamous Head Of The Charles Regatta will be held this weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the 52nd time. The Charles is the largest weekend regatta in the world attracting over 12,000 athletes in over 60 events in just under 2000 boats in every skill set from Novice to Olympian. There will be 2,257 entries from 820 clubs this year hosted by HOCR competing on the 4,800m course starting from DeWolfe Boathouse of Boston University to end just past Eliot Bridge. The thrill of it all is something one never forgets. Memories indeed.
 For livestream starting at 7:45am check HERE.

 For results check HERE.

Head of the Hidden Dragon will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted by Clermont Development Sports Corporation. There will be 120 entries from 13 clubs on Harsha Lake.

Gator Head Regatta will be held in Gainesville, Florida hosted by Gainesville Area Rowing. There will be 201 entries from 16 clubs on Newnans Lake.

Secret City Head Race will be held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee hosted by Oak Ridge Rowing Association. There will be 284 entries from 38 clubs.

 In British Rowing, Tyne Long Distance Sculls will be held Saturday 22nd October 2016 in the Northern region hosted by the Northern Rowing Council.

Weybridge Silver Sculls will be held Saturday 22nd October 2016 in the Thames region hosted by Weybridge Rowing.

Huntingdon Head Of The River Race will be held Saturday 22nd October 2016 hosted by Huntingdon Boat Club.

Tyne United Small Boats Head will be held Saturday 22nd October 2016 in the Northern region hosted by Tyne United Rowing Club on the Gateshead side on the River Tyne.

British Rowing Senior Championships will be held Saturday 22nd October 2016 and Sunday 23rd October 2016 in Nottingham hosted by the National Water Sports Centre.

In World Rowing, the 2016 World Rowing Coastal Championships a.k.a. Championnat du Monde D’Aviron De Mer Monaco continue 4km heats on the Mediterranean Sea hosted by Societe Nautique de Monaco as soon as the cruise ships leave the spectacular venue. Yesterday’s sunny skies and calm water gave way to windy weather and an afternoon of choppy water conditions for the competitors.

For livestream check HERE.


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