52nd Head of the Charles Continues and More

The 52nd Head of the Charles Regatta continues for another day under a sunnier sky with a bit of wind in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Head of the Charles Regatta, abbreviated to HOCR, shortened to The Charles but never Chuck or the all too familiar Charlie is named so because it is rowed on the Charles River, an 80 mile stretch of water in eastern Massachusetts.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts the Charles was originally named the Quinobequin River, so named for the meandering nature of the river until Captain John Smith came on the scene and presented his explorations to Charles I, King of England. Charles I was rather pleased with the new territory and liked the curves of river and the meandering swiggle penned on Smith’s map so much that he made the Charles River his namesake.

Today the Head of the Charles Regatta covers three miles moving away from the trappings of the city deep into the academic territory that lies like the Charles between Boston and Cambridge. The race is marked by the bridges that coxswains avoid and rowers count off unless they are deep into trance in the particular folds of the rower’s shirt in front of their seat. The first bridge is BU, sited near Boston University DeWolfe’s Boat House and the Sailing Pavilion paired ironically with the restful Hyatt.

The first mile is one to get a move on for a solid start aptly named the Powerhouse Stretch passing River Street Bridge, Western Avenue Bridge and Riverside Boathouse. About another half mile in finds the coxswain sweating over the 90 degree turn at Weeks Bridge. Next is Anderson Memorial Bridge, the true half way mark shouldered by Radcliffe Weld Boathouse on the Cambridge side and Newell Boathouse on the Boston side respectively. This is coordinated with an active spot for spectators with the Weld Exhibition on the Cambridge side and Reunion Village on the Boston side.

Mile 2 brings another navigational test with the swiggle in the bend near Mount Auburn Hospital naturally having an affiliation with Harvard on the Cambridge side of the Charles. And just as rowers feel the pull and needle like burn the most popular spectator spot is coming up in the  Eliot Bridge. One needs to look their best for Mom and Dad and the rest of the team as the boat needs to look swift before passing under the Eliot and by the Cambridge Boat Club before rowing the last mile to finish at Christian Herter Park. Oohya!

For livestream check HERE.

For results check HERE.

Head of the Raritan Regatta will be held on the Raritan River for High School entries in Highland Park, New Jersey hosted by St. Joseph High School Crew and Falcon Rowing.

The Knox School Halloween Bash Regatta will be held in St. James, New York hosted by The Knox School. There will be 29 entries from 3 clubs.

In Monaco, the 2016 World Coastal Rowing Championships a.k.a. Championnat du Monde D’Aviron De Mer Monaco wrap up toward finals on the Mediterranean hosted by Societe Nautique de Monaco.

For livestream check HERE

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