Icy Oars and Indoors

Baby it’s cold outside. The chilly question to ponder is whether it is a bigger motivator to row faster in cold than in warmer temps. Speaking for myself, I will never forget sudden hail falling during practice on the Saugatuck River in Westport, Connecticut. I have since rowed in colder temps, but I think my 14 year old self rowed faster than I ever thought I could that day. 

HB Crew Winter Warmer will be held indoors at Hollis Brookline High School in  Hollis, New Hampshire. Hollis Brookline Cavaliers Crew will host 76 entries from 12 clubs. 

Resolution Row will be held indoors at Washington Elementary School in Westfield, New Jersey hosted by Westfield Indoor Rowing. There will be 76 entries from 10 clubs. 
Philadelphia Indoor Rowing Challenge will be held at Kelly Field House, 1733 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Master, Open, Collegiate, Junior, Novice and Coxswain entries will compete in either a 20 minute piece, 2k or 500m event hosted by St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. There will be a Team Challenge for the best 4 rower 2k. The Iron Man Challenge, a.k.a. the Philly Challenge is competing in all three events for the best time pulled. 

In Btitish Rowing, Boston Head will be held Sunday 22nd January 2017 in the East Midlands region hosted by Boston Rowing Club. Conditions were reported to be chilly on Twitter with icy boats on the River Witham enticing speedy results perhaps for both the 3k and 5k heats. 

Stourport Winter Head will be held Sunday 22nd January 2017 in the West Midlands region. Stourport Boat Club will host a 4000m course on River Severn. Club Twitter reported chilly but perfect winter weather for rowing. 

Amsterdam World Ergohead will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. EARC HM, EARC LM, EAWRC, EAWRC LW, Master, Open, Collegiate, High School, Invite, Adaptive,  Junior, Novice and  International entries will be hosted by RV de Amstel. For livestream check HERE.


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