Color of the Season: Oxblood 

Workout gear in oxblood from Sweaty Betty.

The color of the season is Oxblood. A rich deep red darkened with undertones of brown and purple, Oxblood is making a modern comeback reaching back to Fall/Winter 2012, the last time Oxblood dominated the fashion landscape. Close cousins to the color oxblood are burgundy, bordeaux, cordovan, crimson and maroon. But true oxblood smacks back to the past with an earthy red subdued color richly balanced by the perfect darkened undertones of brown and purple, regal in understated way. 

Michelle Obama wearing an oxblood dress on Inauguration Day.

What I like about the color oxblood is that it goes with everything while encompassing a subtle difference from traditional workout wear. We all have black spandex, but wearing oxblood will vary just a bit past navy and grey without the wearing out loud neons, oranges or red. 


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