What to Wear, What to Wear… Winter Workout

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear? It’s February, and although binging on Netflix feels good right now, the CRASH-Bs are early this year so get outside and get to business before the new season of House of Cards comes along (May 30, usually mid-February) and you wish you had. Baby it is cold outside, but prepare and anticipate like Francis Underwood. You know you already have him beat on the erg.

Remember to wear dry wick as a base layer while running, skiing and exercising outdoors. Wearing plenty of layers will keep you warm while outside in the cold, unforgiving like Francis Underwood weather. Combining layers starting with a dry wick base layer next to your skin will prevent that clammy feeling of getting chilled when you sweat. Also look for moisture wicking balaclavas, face masks, neck gaiters, gloves and socks made of materials like merino wool to keep you dry and comfortable. Take into consideration wearing a little less than you expect to need right now. All those extra layers can add bulk once you start moving and create your own heat. Adding an easy open tiny hand warmer is a great idea and especially nice on the chair lift too because it packs a big punch of heat in one tiny package.

Besides keeping warm, remember to hydrate because even though it’s cold outside you can easily get overheated and dehydated. Keep a power bar or an oatmeal cookie in your pocket to keep your blood sugar level in check. Also watch out for tingling extremities because  ears, fingers and toes are exceptionly susceptible to frostbite. And wear some shades, sunblock and lip protection because the snow really reflects the sun.

So be stealth and choose your workout wear wisely always keeping the weather and activity in mind. Check AccuWeather before heading out like a Wall Steet trader. Take stock in what you are doing and make the right investment in you!


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