2017 CRASH-Bs and More

The 36th Annual CRASH-B SPRINTS World Indoor Rowing Championship will be held today in the snowy Northeast at Agganis Arena on the campus of Boston University, 925 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston Massachusetts. 

This is the Concept2 2000m event with 1000m heats for Adaptive entries. At 95, Stephen Richardson led the pack last year of 2,500 entries from 30 countries earning one of the five world records set at the 2016 Crash-Bs. 

For CRASH-B Race Entries check HERE.

For CRASH-B Race Schedule check HERE.

For CRASH-B Race Results check HERE.

For CRASH-B Livestream check HERE.

In British Rowing, Warrington Head Of The Mersey will be held Sunday 12th February 2017 in the North West region hosted by Warrington Rowing Club.

Bedford Eights & Fours Head will be held Sunday 12th February 2017. Bedford Rowing Club will host the 2000m downstream course on the River Great Ouse. 

In World Rowing, Head of the Shing Mun (BIG BOATS) will be held February 12, 2017 on the Shing Mun River in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Hong Kong, China Rowing Association will host 18 entries from 9 clubs. 


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