124 C Erg Sprints and More

124 C Erg Sprints will be held today, February  25, 2017 at Jamestown Indoor Rowing Center in Jamestown, North Carolina. High Point Rowing Club will host 135 entries from 11 clubs.

Hungry Eagle Indoor Sprints will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan hosted by Skyline Crew. There will be 155 entries from 15 clubs at Skyline Auxiliary Gym. 

Midwest Championship Erg Sprint will be held in Columbus, Ohio in the Tom W. Davis Special Events Gym at the RPAC on campus of Ohio State University. Ohio State University Crew Club will host 440 entries from 21 clubs. 

Two River Erg Challenge – Mardi Gras Edition will be held in Shrewsbury, New Jersey hosted by Navesink Indoor Rowing. There will be 83 entries from 10 clubs at Shrewsbury Borough School. 

North Allegheny Indoor Rowing Championship will be held today in Wexford, Pennsylvania. North Allegheny Rowing Association will host 293 entries from 11 clubs at Marshall Middle School. 

Arizona Indoor Rowing Championships will be held in Phoenix hosted by Brophy College Prep Rowing Team. There will be 96 entries from 6 clubs at Robson Gym on the Brophy College Preparatory campus. 

Faultline Face-Off Invitational will be held over the next two days on San Pablo Reservoir, in Orinda, California. Oakland Strokes will host 390 Junior entries from 21 clubs.

Sarasota Invitational will be held over the weekend at Nathan Benderson Lake in Sarasota, Florida. SCRC Sarasota Masters will host 793 Master, Adaptive, High School and Junior entries from 74 clubs.

In British Rowing, Trafford Head Of Bridgewater will be held Saturday 25th February 2017 in the North West region hosted by Trafford Rowing Club.

Avon County Spring Head will be held Saturday 25th February 2017 in the WAGS region hosted by Avon County Rowing Club. 

Burway Head Of The River planned for Saturday 25th February 2017 in the Thames region hosted by Burway Rowing Club has been regrettably cancelled by the Chief Umpire due to forecasted weather conditions. 

In World Rowing, the 2017 Brugge Boat Race will be held over the weekend in Belgium hosted by Koninklijke Roeivereniging Brugge.

Today’s 5000m race on the Ostende-Bruges Canal between Nieuwege Bridge and the KRB Club House is for the Brugge Cup with racing for Senior, Student and Junior 8+ in the first heat with Master, Recreational, Mixed and Adaptive 8+, 8x+, 8C+ in the afternoon. Boats compete in side by side racing with start times every two minutes. All other categories compete on Sunday for the Waggelwater Cup. 


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