2017 World Masters Games

The Rowing segment of the 2017 World Masters Games begin today, Monday, April 24 and continue through April 28 at Lake Karapiro in New Zealand.

The 2017 World Masters Games are hosted and governed by the International Masters Games Association. Athletes of every ability often comprised of former professional athletes and Olympians compete every four years. The minimum age for competitors is usually 35. The minimum age for rowing competition in the World Masters Games is to be 27 years of age by December 31, 2017. This year the 2017 World Masters Games are held in Auckand. Past games have been held in Brisbane, Oregon, Edmonton and Syndey. 

Man Kaur from India just won her 17th gold medal with a time of 1 minute 14 seconds for the 100m sprint at the 2017 World Master Games breaking the 2009 record by 64.42 set by Usain Bolt in Syndey. Man Kaur was the only one to compete in the 100+ category at 101!

Rowing facilities at Lake Karapiro are located just south of Auckland where most of the World Master Games are scheduled in the Waipa District. Lake Karapiro is a manmade lake of calm water. Events include: Single Scull (1x), Double Scull (2x), Double Scull (2x), Coxless Pairs (2-), Quad Scull (4x), Coxed Four (4+), Coxless Four (4-) and Eight (8+). Para Events include: Para A Single (1x), Para LTA Single (1x) and Para LTA Double (2x).

Age categories are as follows: 

A: Average age 27 or more

B: Average age 36 years or more

C: Average age 43 years or more

D: Average age 50 years or more

E: Average age 55 years or more

F: Average age 60 years or more

G: Average age 65 years or more

H: Average age 70 years or more

I: Average age 75 years or more

J: Average age 80 years or more

K: Average age 85 years or more

For 2017 World Masters Games Rowing Schedule check HERE.

For 2017 World Masters Games Rowing Results check HERE.


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