Vineyard Vines & Valentines 💝

Valentine Challenge 2021 will be virtually held February 9, 2021 through February 14, 2021 using either an indoor rower, SkiErg, and/or BikeErg hosted by Concept2.

Vineyard Vines is offering a rower’s favorite, long sleeve tees featuring VV’s trademark whale logo in updated, wistful ways for Valentine’s Day. Check out these and more nautical inspirited gear now on sale with free shipping at $125 in spending.

LLBean Official Supplier to US Ski Team

L.L.Bean, the official supplier for the U.S. Olympic Ski Team is offering 25% off clothing, outerwear and footwear with a few exceptions when using the code WINTER. Plus shipping is covered. But hurry this offer only lasts through tonight, January 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

This is my favorite, a more water and wind resistant fleece hoody that’s cozy enough to even provide a hidden opening for a pony or braid. Perfect for supporting the Ski Team starting 2/9/2018 and my own endeavors thereafter!

L.L.Bean stocks Under Armour too. Perfect for winter sports and predawn rows come Spring.

More Under Armour and Rowers at Costco

More Under Armour at Costco:

And while the Under Armour Ladies’ HeatGear Spandex are long gone, the Under Armour Ladies’ Fleece Pullovers are still in stock waiting in anticipation for bundling into after an early morning Spring Row.

And while I’m personally loyal to my my old and always reliable Concept2 D, these Rowers are available at Costco for your New Year’s resolutions or prepping for the CRASH-Bs on February 25, 2018.

Cyber Monday 2017

There’s something for everyone on Cyber Monday. Rowers are all about comfort and efficiency, but we like something new too. Here’s a short list of places with spandex, dry wick, fleece, ergs and more for rowers and gifting:

For Under Armour, check the outlet HERE.

For Sperry check HERE.

Regatta Sport continues the Black Friday sale for Cyber Monday, for details check HERE.

Check out sale items and the Bargain Bin at JL Racing HERE.

For Costco check HERE.

For Dick’s Sporting Goods check HERE.

For Eastern Mountain Sports check HERE.

For Land’s End check HERE.

For L.L.Bean check HERE.

Sweaty Betty continues the Black Friday sale for Cyber Monday, for details check HERE.

What to Wear, What to Wear… Winter Workout

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear? It’s February, and although binging on Netflix feels good right now, the CRASH-Bs are early this year so get outside and get to business before the new season of House of Cards comes along (May 30, usually mid-February) and you wish you had. Baby it is cold outside, but prepare and anticipate like Francis Underwood. You know you already have him beat on the erg.

Remember to wear dry wick as a base layer while running, skiing and exercising outdoors. Wearing plenty of layers will keep you warm while outside in the cold, unforgiving like Francis Underwood weather. Combining layers starting with a dry wick base layer next to your skin will prevent that clammy feeling of getting chilled when you sweat. Also look for moisture wicking balaclavas, face masks, neck gaiters, gloves and socks made of materials like merino wool to keep you dry and comfortable. Take into consideration wearing a little less than you expect to need right now. All those extra layers can add bulk once you start moving and create your own heat. Adding an easy open tiny hand warmer is a great idea and especially nice on the chair lift too because it packs a big punch of heat in one tiny package.

Besides keeping warm, remember to hydrate because even though it’s cold outside you can easily get overheated and dehydated. Keep a power bar or an oatmeal cookie in your pocket to keep your blood sugar level in check. Also watch out for tingling extremities because  ears, fingers and toes are exceptionly susceptible to frostbite. And wear some shades, sunblock and lip protection because the snow really reflects the sun.

So be stealth and choose your workout wear wisely always keeping the weather and activity in mind. Check AccuWeather before heading out like a Wall Steet trader. Take stock in what you are doing and make the right investment in you!