Great Quotes and Boats

“The key is to plant your heels for the drive phase. This will be a fast turn around at the catch and something that must be practiced for optimal power through the drive.”

Krista Guloien-Temple (born March 20, 1980), Rower, Olympic Silver Medalist 2012, World Championships Silver Medalist 2011, author of Beyond the Finish Line: What Happens When Endorphins Fade (2016).

Great Quotes and Boats

With wife Lil and friends, Idlewood, Michigan (1928)

“The weekends I could get off we went to Idlewild and this was the most exercise, and the best, I remember—although you might say blowing a trumpet is exercise all of the time.”

– Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971), a.k.a. Satchmo, Satch, Pops, trumpeter, composer, vocalist, actor and rower.

Swing that Music, Louis Armstrong. New York: Da Capo Press, (1936) 1993 edition, p85.

Great Quotes and Boats

“From pushing off with your feet to the explosive press of your legs to the final upper-body pullback, all these movements start with an engaged core and midsection. Even 10 minutes of rowing can strengthen your core unlike any other sport.”

– Nick Karwoski, Triathlete, rower and trainer.

Great Quotes and Boats

“The water-rower has been an addition to my year-round training. It”s a full-body workout that allows me to get a great sweat while keeping my heart rate up… All without putting stress on my joints.”

-Rob Gronkowski, (May 14, 1989- ), New England Patriots tight end, 2× Super Bowl champion (XLIX, LI), 5× Pro Bowl (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017), 4× First-team All-Pro (2011, 2014, 2015, 2017), NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2014), NFL receiving touchdowns leader (2011), Third-team All-American (2008), First-team All-Pac-10 (2008).

Great Quotes and Boats

“I coach and cox and one thing I tell my crews is to breathe slowly through their nose on recovery to help slow down the slide. This is because novice rowers tend to start panting and they take their stroke in time with this. Quick, forceful exhale on the drive tightens the core muscles and slow, controlled inhale provides a longer recovery time.”

– Valerie Gorman, lexicographer, rower and rowing coach.

Wye Island Regatta & More

The 26th Annual Wye Island Regatta will be held today, September 8, 2018 at Wye Landing, Wye Island on the Wye on the Wye East River in Wye Mills, Maryland. Annapolis Rowing Club hosts 78 entries from 34 clubs.

Springfield Rockrimmon Regatta will be held September 8, 2018 at Connecticut River in Springfield, Massachusetts. Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club hosts 92 entries from 29 clubs.

Tennessee River Gorge Row will be held September 8, 2018 at the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee hosted by The Lookout Rowing Club.

In Canada, the 7th Annual Muskoka Fall Classic will be held September 8, 2018 at Gull Lake Rotary Park in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Severn River Rowing Club hosts 185 entries from 24 clubs.

Coupe Québec Jeunesse d’Aviron de Sherbrooke will be held September 8, 2018 at Park Jacques-Cartier on the Magog River in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Sherbrooke Rowing Club hosts 94 entries from 8 clubs.

Head of the Reach will be held September 8, 2018 in Deas Slough, Delta, British Columbia hosted by Delta Deas Rowing Club.

Head of the Red planned to be held September 8, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been cancelled by Winnipeg Rowing Club.

In British Rowing, the South Coast Championship Regatta will be held Saturday 8th September 2018 hosted by South Coast Rowing

Chester Le Street Regatta will be held Saturday 8th September 2018 in the Northern region hosted by Chester-le-Street Amateur Rowing Club.

Worcester Autumn Regatta will be held Saturday 8th September 2018 in the West Midlands region hosted by Worcester Rowing Club.

Treadmills Without Motors

What’s that, you say? Treadmills without motors, is that even possible? A resounding yes, yes, yes is the answer called to action by your feet.

Treadmills, the most used piece of exercise equipment in any gym is going old school. That’s right, what’s old is new again, and in this case you just need to look down below to your feet. Manual treadmills are showing up in edgy, high-end health clubs forgoing the digital, electronic connection we all rely on.

The newly resurrected, childlike conception of a treadmill looks to a hamster’s flywheel for inspiration. There is a concave surface instead of flat tread and one moves by their own power just like a hamster on a flywheel. Personal gravity becomes the accelerator and the brake as forward is go and backward is to stop or slow down. And all your personal gravity and effort adds up to burning more calories than traditional treadmills. Perfect for a diversion from the erg, short burst workouts or to rotate through the rest of your training.

According to the Wall Street Journal, up to 30% more calories can be burned on non motorized treadmills like the Woodway Curve of Waukesha, Wisconsin or the TrueForm Runner by Chapco. Star Trac plans to add a motorless treadmill with an incline to its lineup of treadmills sometime next year.

The digital displays are battery operated to keep track of progress, no need for an electric outlet with this baby. You can work out during a power outage or alone on a deserted island. And these treadmills take up less space and are quieter too. Then again, the original treadmills without borders, a.k.a. our own feet, take up no room at all.