Treadmills Without Motors

What’s that, you say? Treadmills without motors, is that even possible? A resounding yes, yes, yes is the answer called to action by your feet.

Treadmills, the most used piece of exercise equipment in any gym is going old school. That’s right, what’s old is new again, and in this case you just need to look down below to your feet. Manual treadmills are showing up in edgy, high-end health clubs forgoing the digital, electronic connection we all rely on.

The newly resurrected, childlike conception of a treadmill looks to a hamster’s flywheel for inspiration. There is a concave surface instead of flat tread and one moves by their own power just like a hamster on a flywheel. Personal gravity becomes the accelerator and the brake as forward is go and backward is to stop or slow down. And all your personal gravity and effort adds up to burning more calories than traditional treadmills. Perfect for a diversion from the erg, short burst workouts or to rotate through the rest of your training.

According to the Wall Street Journal, up to 30% more calories can be burned on non motorized treadmills like the Woodway Curve of Waukesha, Wisconsin or the TrueForm Runner by Chapco. Star Trac plans to add a motorless treadmill with an incline to its lineup of treadmills sometime next year.

The digital displays are battery operated to keep track of progress, no need for an electric outlet with this baby. You can work out during a power outage or alone on a deserted island. And these treadmills take up less space and are quieter too. Then again, the original treadmills without borders, a.k.a. our own feet, take up no room at all.


Daylight Saving 2018

R2R Tips for Daylight Saving:

Cell phones, computers and the like update at 2AM, March 11, 2018.

Set clocks and digital appliances like microwaves the night before.

Coxswain Clinic

USRowing is hosting the first of hopefully many Coxswain Cinics today at Tufts Boathouse in Boston. Kendall Schmidt, coxswain of the women’s team is only one of the reasons to attend.

Coxswain Clinics will continue in early 2016 throughout the country. What a great way to prepare and be ready all row for Spring!



 #GivingTuesday is more than hashtag activism but a way to look beyond ourselves in global partnership with a day reserved for giving at the heart of the holiday season.
#GivingTuesday started in 2012 as a way to combat commercialism within the Black Friday/Cyber Monday window between the holidays by the United Nations Foundation and the 92nd Street Y in NYC. Just last year alone over 45m was raised for many deserving causes.

#GivingTuesday is always the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving here in the United States. It is a day of waiting opportunity to make a donation or give of yourself within your rowing community and beyond. Take advantage of some good karma and celebrate the importance of giving back!

*December is Universal Human Rights Month

National Color Day 2015

Happy National Color Day!

What does your favorite color say about you? Today was created to draw attention and understand the importance of color in our lives. Color has an impact on how we feel, in our actions and even in how productive we can be. Look to these interpretations to see how color may be influencing you:

White is a lack of color, a blank slate in purity and innocence. White has a fresh washed quality of opportunity and happiness like a crisp linen sheet crackling in the wind under a bright sun. Yet white can also be cold, austere and incomplete like snow needing the experience of other color for warmth and vitality.

Like white, yellow is also a color of happiness, like the feeling you get as the bright, happy sun brushes your cheek. The good natured sun packs loads of essential Vitamin D. Yellow is approachable, fun loving and happy go lucky in color like the iconic smiley face.

Red is a power color, think Donald Trump’s red power tie or the passionate symbolism of love in a red rose held high on a stem of thorns. Red expresses a swagger of confidence, a can do attitude with the passion and excitement for a meaningful objective despite challenge and adversity. See red and conquer!

Tried and true blue is comfortable like your favorite pair of faded and trusted jeans. You’ve been through a lot together and earned every tear and weak point yet there is strength in every curve and nuance, fit like a glove and seemingly made just for you. No other pair will be quite like your favorite pair of jeans. From the darkest shade of deep ocean navy to the lightest stone washed, sun kissed sky blue the color is durable, loyal and lasting in a peaceful encompassing way.

Green brings a newfound balance relaxed and ongoing like a just mowed lawn and the emergence of sprouts and leaves on a brisk spring day. New life, new beginnings and the opportunity in the crack of a bat or the celebratory rage of cowbells at a rower’s regatta signify the virtuous season of green. Green is identified with grace under pressure, a cool head weighing potential and upcoming options.

Black is traditionally associated with grieving and vast completeness. But the color black is so much more. Black is engaging, the combination of all color. Then again black has depth, setting off all color yet noticed first because of its integrity. That’s what makes black the classic go to choice like the perfect, coveted little black dress. Black is inclusive yet maintains a presence unique onto itself. What other color comes close?

Then again we can shake up color blending perspective as we go:

Pink is sophisticated as the softer side of the power and passion of red when exposed to the open and stark sincerity of white.

Orange is vibrant in the blending of red and yellow often used in warning but the yellow also brings happiness to the powerful red.

And finally the royal hue of purple, the blending of red and blue, power and trust, fit for a loyal Royal.

So then, what do these color perceptions reveal about you?

Stamp Out Hunger


I know, I know, the last thing you want to do is to leave food by your mailbox tomorrow morning when you need to leave soooo very early for a regatta. Never mind if you need to attend the coaches and coxswains meeting. I get that, I really do. But this is for a really good cause. The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), your neighborhood Postal Carrier, you know, the mailman is gearing up for the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive to collect non perishables all day tomorrow, May 9. If you’re thinking your contribution won’t matter, think again. In 23 years, the NALC collected over one billion pounds of food. Last year alone netting 70.3 million pounds.

Postal drivers make their collection in May because food bank inventories are down this time of year, unlike during the holiday season at the end of the year. You can be part of the largest food drive in the country by putting together some things right now or later tonight to leave by your door ready for a quick grab and go tomorrow morning. I’m pulling all the can goods I thought we needed if we were snowed in. We had lots of snow here in the Northeast, but somehow we got by without canned peas and green beans. I’m also adding peanut butter and tuna too.

So join the rest of the country and put together a bag of food for your neighborhood Postal Carrier and maybe this year we can fill mail trucks with 72 million pounds of food!