Great Quotes and Boats


“Most mornings Andy rows over by himself in a dory from Port Clyde, half a mile away. On the way to the house, swinging a tackle box full of paints and brushes, he ducks into the hen house and emerges with half a dozen eggs, cradling them in one hand like juggling balls. He comes in the side door and chats with Al and me for a little while before heading upstairs” (51).

Christina’s World

“He rows home at dusk. Comes back the next day and troops upstairs, his heavy thudding footsteps the only sound in the quiet house. I hear him pacing around up there, opening doors, shutting doors walking into different rooms” (288).

– Christina Baker Kline, A Piece of the World: A Novel (2017).

Andrew Wyeth


Doggetts Coat & Badge 2017

Doggetts Coat & Badge 2017 will be held today, Tuesday 25th July 2017 starting at the London Bridge on the River Thames finishing at Cadogan Pier, Chelsea. Doggett’s Coat and Badge is  the oldest rowing race in the world held every year since 1715. 

Doggett’s Coat and Badge. Painting by Thomas Rowlandson (1756–1827).