Great Quotes and Boats

“I think, for me, the stroke is built around your body being in the right position… It has to be properly supported, especially the catch and the transition from the catch into suspension. You’re always trying to set it up such that, when you’re putting everything you have into the stroke, it’s translating into boat speed rather than just wailing on it.”

– Esther Lofgren (February 28, 1985- ), Rower, Olympic Gold Medalist 2012.


Great Quotes and Boats

“From pushing off with your feet to the explosive press of your legs to the final upper-body pullback, all these movements start with an engaged core and midsection. Even 10 minutes of rowing can strengthen your core unlike any other sport.

– Nick Karwoski, Triathlete, rower and trainer.

Great Quotes and Boats

“Drills are kind of a balance of, I don’t want to say ‘comfort,’ but a way to find stability while really zeroing in on what’s happening at the catch, and experiencing that in a couple of different ways. A good catch isn’t always the one that feels the lightest, or the most explosive… It’s the one that’s the most effective.”

-Esther Lofgren (February 28, 1985- ), Rower, Olympic Gold Medalist 2012.

Great Quotes and Boats

“People want to be able to get in and out of the machine fast, and they don’t buckle their feet in tight enough, and that’s a huge issue. You’re then ‘gripping’ with your hip flexors and flexing your feet.”

– Joselynne Boschen, Nike master trainer and owner of Alpha Sport East, Towaco, New Jersey.

Great Quotes and Boats

“I coach and cox and one thing I tell my crews is to breathe slowly through their nose on recovery to help slow down the slide. This is because novice rowers tend to start panting and they take their stroke in time with this. Quick, forceful exhale on the drive tightens the core muscles and slow, controlled inhale provides a longer recovery time.”

– Valerie Gorman, lexicographer, rower and rowing coach.

Great Quotes and Boats

“All I have to do is get on base. The guys behind me make my job easier.”

“It was amazing just to know I contributed at some point. These guys picked up all the slack that I left. That’s what a team does” (2018 World Series sixth-inning home run after going 0-for-7 in Game 3).

-Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox Outfielder; All-Star 2016, 2017, 2018; Silver Slugger Award, 2016; Gold Glove Award, 2016, 2017; American League Batting Champion 2018.

Great Quotes and Boats

“Maneuvering a single shell is like trying to stay upright on a giant knitting needle — a typical boat is 26 feet long and less than a foot wide; balance is either assisted or impeded by the oars, which measure about nine feet each. As sports go, it’s like aquatic tightrope walking, requiring both enormous precision and guts, and I was terrible at it for years — flailing, teetering, nearly flipping the boat on every outing.”

-Craig Lambert, rower, author of Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing.

Schools’ Head Of The River 2018

In British Rowing, Schools’ Head Of The River will be held Monday, 12th March 2018 in the Thames region. The race runs from Chiswick Bridge in west London to the Westminster School Boat Club Flagpole on Putney Embankment. River Thames is a tidal river and will be closed for the duration of the race. In addition to navigating to prevent from being swept downstream with an outgoing tide, coxswain also need to be aware of dropping water levels to ensure there is enough water under their boats and for the crew’s blades.

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