R2R Quick Tips to Coxing: 

* Don’t be afraid to be silent! Take time to think and strategize.

* Listen to your crew but only let your stroke talk in the boat.

* Recording your own practices and races to help improve your coxing.

Coxing Commands Cheat Sheet: 

Getting on the water:

Getting the shell out the boathouse
1. Hands on! (allow for rowers to position themselves with four bunched on each end).

2. Up an inch in 2….. Ready…. Up (Be careful of Skeg).

3. Walk it forward (staying at the bow walking behind the boat).

4. Up and over heads in 2….. Ready…. Up (when approaching the dock).

5. Weigh enough- toes to the edge.

6. Push it out and down (putting emphahsis on pushing out to prevent hitting the dock with the shell).

7. Ports get oars, Starboards oarlocks…. Be efficient! Be Quick!

8. Ready All! Oars across… one foot in and down.

9. Get yourself in the coxswain seat AFTER all rowers to prevent flipping.

10. Lean away and shove in 2… Ready…. Shove.

11. Always have rowers adjust foot stretchers and spacers on the water to free up the dock.

Getting off the water:

1. Heads up! Lean away -walk it down!

2. Always get out of the boat first before crew.

3. One foot on the dock -Ready Up!

4. Bring oars across.

5. Be quick! Be efficient.

6. Grab their water bottles, jackets…

7. Get hands on!

8. Up and over heads! Ready Up!

9. Lock the arms, push up it! Walk it forward.

10. Split to shoulders (once off dock).

11. Weigh Enough. Roll to slings -Ready…Roll.

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